In 1970s to 1980s, one of taiwan man went to janpan to make his life,fortunately  the guy got a job in a vibrating sieve factory as a assembly worker, he just worked hard, then he was shift to sales, then to management, in this way he made his life and got his first barrel of gold.

In 1980s, the man got back to taiwan and established his own small factory which is the basic form of Laosong vibrating separator, with experience he got in Japan, he firstly employed none but 5 or 6 workers including himself, he did work at workshop , at the same time he did sales. By his hard work,products quality,especially his genius in sales, soon laosong became one of the leading vibrating sieve maker and dealer in the world, and the man himself was no more the cowboy in Japan, he became into a big boss, an investor,a high flyer.

In 1990s, China mainland was taking every measure to attract investment, Laosong boss got an invitation naturally,he came to Xinxiang with his deligate to make the investigation and talked with local government,at last concluded to establish a Xinxiang Laosong to produce vibrating sieve and separators,soon the factory was established with standards equiped tools and equipment, many local people were emplyed to join the production, and Xinxiang Laosong was supplying and enjoying China mainland market at that time,after years development, the local workers in Xinxiang Laosong had experienced the same life with Laosong boss, they worked hard, made their lives, got knowledge of vibrating sieves, some of them were shifted to sales department, in those days, there were only a few vibrating sieve manufacturers, these emerging “laosong bosses” smelled fortune opportunity ang grasped it, they got away from Xinxiang laosong and started their own factory with their own brand vibrating sieves or screens.

Fortunately we are one of those sieve makers,and more fortunately we continued for years and developed, apart from the basic three direction rotary vibrating sieve, we seveloped ultrasonic vibrating sieve under the demand of customers to solve sieve blockage problem, then tubmler sieve by learning from the world reputed sieve maker, tumbler sieve could enlarge the capacity tremendously and got a lot of customers, also ,tumbler plus ultrosonic is bold try we did and got a good response from market.



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Unit-Fine Machinery Co., Ltd. is a China supplier and manufacturer in Sieving Machine, Separation Equipment, Vibrating Separator, Vibrating Screening Equipment, Shaker Screener, Multi - Deck Vibrating Separator, Round Separator, Multi - Deck Vibrating Filter, Noiseless Vibrating Separator, Ultrasonic Screener, Vibrating Sieve, Shaker Screen Manufacturer.Unit-Fine(UF) has been offering our customers high quality sieving machine, round separator, vibratory sifter, vibrating sieve, vibro separator, ultrasonic sieve, vibrating separator, vibratory separator, grading sieve, pharmaceutical sieve, vibrating screening machine since 1992. With both advanced technology and 12 years experience, Unit-Fine(UF) always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

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