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UFC Continuous Automatic Electric Heating Roaster

Instruction of grain seeds roasting plant >>>
1).Use hanging electricity heating device in the inner tube, roast the nut by heating the air in the tube, so the
nut will not be roasted black.
2).There is a insulation outside the roller, so as to reserve the heat.
3).High working efficiency, 30kg chestnut will spend 30-40min, the electricity consumption is within 2deg.
4).The temperature is adjustable, it is controlled by temperature controller
5).It is adaptable for different temperature demand of all kinds nut, such as chestnut, peanut, melon seeds, pine
nut, hazel, rapeseed, coffee bean, etc.
6).Low energy consumption.

Use range>>>
1. nuts: peanut, sunflower, walnut, castor, soybean , watermelon seeds, pecans,pistachio nuts , white pumpkin seeds
Grains: corn, wheat, black wheat, buckwheat, beans, coffee beans, cococa beans , castor , chilli seed etc.
Seasonings: Chinese prickly ash, fennel, anise etc.

2. Vegetables: all kinds of vegetables dehydration or tea drying

3. Medicinal materials: drying or steamed fry.

roasting machine application

1.Electronic ignition, safe and fast.
2.Configuration gas pressure reducing valve, automatically ADAPTS to different sources of fuel gas pressure.
Guarantee stable fire.
3.Copper core gas furnace, life up to 5 years.
4.Steel chain drive, stable and low loss.
5.Low noise, gear meshing.
6.Auto exhaust fans.
7.All stainless steel, easy to clean, attractive and durable.

roasting machine control panel

New technology features :

1.Patent quality of military products The operation is simple Safe and efficient

2. Without stopping, continuous making production stability

3. Heating medium (salt, sand) automatic high-speed separation, automatic feeding and keep recycle separation to
mixing from rolling drum, save manpower

4. Frequency conversion speed, multi-usage

Technical Data:

Model UFQ30 UFQ50 UFQ100
Load/batch 25-30KG 35-50KG 80-100KG
Capacity/hour 50-80KG 100-120KG 150-200KG
Dimension(mm) 1200*700*1300 1350*900*1700 1500*1000*1700
Weight 200KG 350KG 550KG
Model: UFQ150 UFQ200 UFQ300
Load/batch 130-150KG 180-200KG 250-300KG
Dimension(mm) 1850*1000*1800 2300*1100*1800 3300*1100*1750
Weight 750KG 950KG 1150KG


roasting machine

roasting machine


roasting machine packing

roasting machine packing2



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