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Ultrasonic Vibrating Sieve

Ultrasonic separators utilize an additional source of vibration to increase capacity and reduce clogging, specifically in fine powder separation. High frequency ultrasonic vibration is generated and applied directly. Ultrasonic vibration breaks static bonding between particles, promotes vertical movement, and increases capacity and efficiency. Ultrasonic vibration is controlled independently to the three dimensional vibration generated by the motor.

Specification of Ultrasonic Generator>>>

  1. Generator Specification:
    1. Power: 220V, 50/60Hz, Single-Phase
    2. Power Consumption: 1A (Max.)
    3. Output Frequency: 36KHz
    4. Operating Mode: Continuous Mode / Pulse Mode
    5. Box Dimension (WxHxD): 165 x 230 x 400mm
  2. Transducer:
    1. Casing: Stainless Steel SS304
    2. Position: Above Screen (Standard)

Ultrasonic Generator Options>>>

UF08 & GTS30

ultrasonic UF08 VS GTS30

Resonance Ring Options for Different Diameter and Purposes>>>



  • Prevents clogging – high frequency vibration prevents particles becoming stagnant on the screen, and breaks static bonding between particles.
  • Does not dust – low amplitude vibration, does not create dust clouds.
  • Increase productivity and efficiency – fine particles pass through quickly and do not build up on the screen, eliminate the need to manually clear the screen.
  • Suitable for fine powder separation – can easily separate powder as fine as 15μm, otherwise inseparable without ultrasonic vibration.
  • Stainless steel transducer – transducer casing is stainless steel SS304.

Live Case Video>>>

Applicable Models>>>

Model Noiseless High Performance Multi-Screen
UFC-300 UFC-450 UFC-600 UFC-800 UFC-1000 UFC-1200 UFC-1500
Ultrasonic Separator

Suitable Fine Powder Separation

  • Resin/ powder coating/ pigments
  • Metal Powder/ alloys
  • Chemical powder
  • Pharmaceutical/ biotech powder
  • Food/ Baking ingredients


ultrasonic-vibrating-screen3 ultrasonic-vibrating-screen4 ultrasonic-vibrating-screen5

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