Unitfine Hammer Mill

Unitfine Hammer Mill use the cutting knife and the liner, material are crushed by the impact and cut force. If material size remains big, impact will exceed the centrifugal force, knives will recede(moving back and forth) to protect knife shaft and crushing efficiency remains the same.

Extensive Application:


Grains,Straws,Crab, Clam & Oyster Shells,Herbs,Feed,Corncob Vines,Pappers  and more..(Except oily, sticky and fiber materials)

Interior parts are multiple & replaceable:

hammer mill interior parts

With high speed rotation of knives,materials are crushed by the impact and cut force.If material size remains big,impact will exceed the centrifugal force,knives will recede(moving back and forth)to protect knife shaft and crushing efficiency remains the same.


Model Weight




Match Power Hammer Qty Screen Mesh
(KW) (HP)
UHM36 85 900*750*1070 5.5-7.5 10 12 0.5-5
UHM40 160 945*835*768 7.5-11 12 12 1.2-8
UHM42 125 730*650*920 11-15 18 16 1.2-20
UHM50 280 1150*1200*1090 11-15 20-28 16 1.2-20
UHM50-40 275 1100*930*1030 22-37 24 1.2-30
UHM50-50 360 1157*1250*1030 30-37 30 1.2-30
UHM50-60 380 1157*1355*1030 37-45 36 1.2-30

According to different characteristics of materials and equipment, the data would be changed.


hammer mill gallery

How to select a right Hammer Mill?

  1. Firstly, consider the material for be processing. different material will need different hammer mill.

So, please tell what’s your material.

  1. Consider the power consumption of the hammer mill.

Please tell your capacity?

3.Please tell you input size out output sizes of products?.

  1. Consider the different way of discharging.
  1. Dust and noise.

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