Unitfine Rotary Cone Mixer

Unitfine rotary cone mixer, with its outer barrel and inner arm running in different speed and reserve direction, which generated high mixing speed.It is with high uniformity and easy cleaning thanks to its compact structure.

unitfine rotary cone mixer2

Working Principle

The outer barrel and inner blades are being controlled by separate motors which enhance mixing strength, and having different strength, and having different rotating homogeneous mixing.

cone mixer working principle



  • It is designed to be tilted freely at angle 0°~360° In addition to manual opening inlet and outlet, it can be customized with pneumatic control
  • Fully stainless steel polished finishing meeting GMP requirement without dead angle.Oil/Liquid spreading device is optional.
  • Water proof control box,digital timer,overload protector device,ampere and meter are included.
  • The automatic stopping device can be set within the range of 0-60 minutes for automatic stopping.
  •           Easy to operate,easy to wash,clean and move. It is very suitable for GMP food and pharmaceutical factories.

rotary mixer project

inner detail of cone mixer


Model Volume(L) Production



Mixing Capacity(Kg/Batch) Power


Shaft Speed






URCM-100 100L 30~50 <100 1.1 15 1500*600*1500 240
URCM-200 200L 50~100 <150 1.5 15 1750*700*1700 300
URCM-500 500L 150~250 <300 2.2 15 4200*1650*1560 650
URCM-1000 1000L 300~500 <600 3 12 4400*1850*1850 900
URCM-1500 1500L 300~800 <800 4 12 4500*1850*2000 980
URCM-2000 2000L 500~1000 <1000 5.5 12 5400*2050*2250 1600
URCM-3000 3000L 500~1500 <1500 7.5 9 6550*2350*2700 1800
URCM-4000 4000L 1000~2000 <2000 11 9 6800*2500*3000 2200


According to different characteristics of materials and equipment, the data would be changed.

So please contact our engineer to state details of your products and requirement.

rotary cone mixer gallery

rotary cone mixer gallery 2

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