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The discharge gates regulate the flow of discharged materials at any given time in the sieving machine. They also provide accurate cut-off for sieving operations. Discharge gates are an essential component of your sieving machine and should be a deciding factor when buying one.

The patented discharge gate from Unitfine Machinery is a favorite design to industrial manufacturers. It offers an increased control to the production process. Operators can control the flow rate of the discharged materials without disrupting the sieving operation.Â

Another benefit of using Unitfine Machinery’s discharge gate is its flexibility. The discharge gates can be partially or fully closed during the sieving process. Fully closed discharge gates trap the materials inside the screen frame, which allows more particles with microparticle size to pass through and reduce the production wastage. Partially closed gates, on the other hand, allow observation made to the production line without shutting down the sieving process.

Operation starts with the inflow of the fine powder from the feed storage or hopper to the screen mesh. The multi-screen separator will start sieving, and the large-sized and lumped materials that did not pass the screening stage will pass through the discharge gate. This process repeats until the last screening stage. Rejected materials that were not sifted in each screening stage will get removed through the discharge gate located on each screening stage.

Offers thorough separation – Since the discharge gate can be fully closed, materials will sit inside the screen frame and prolong their screening time, ensuring that the contents are thoroughly sifted and separated.

Less material wastage – With the discharge gate securing the materials inside, there is minimal to no wastage of materials. Furthermore, since they have longer screening time, the materials will be accurately screened and not be wasted.

Has production process flexibility – The discharge gate can be fully opened or partially closed depending on the screening process. Operators can also fully control the flow rate of the materials.

Provides uninterrupted control during the production process – The sieving machine does not need to be shut down during the opening or closing of the discharge gates, which means that production is not halted and will be in continuous operation.

Durable – The separator with the discharge gate body is stainless steel, making it durable, lightweight, and resistant to rusting and corrosion.

Applicable Separator Models for the Discharge Gate

Model Noiseless High Performance Multi-Screen
LS-300 LS-450 LS-600 LS-800 LS-1000 LS-1200 LS-1500
Discharge Gate Design • • • • •

The Unitfine Machinery discharge gate is unfortunately not available for the noiseless high-performance screen separators. It is only applicable to multi-screen sieves of the following models:

  •   LS-600
  •   LS-800
  •   LS-1000
  •   LS-1200
  •   LS-1500

Depending on the model, the discharge gate comes in various specifications.  The smallest comes with ¾ HP power, a dimension of 790x790x740, and a weight of 95 kg. The largest has a power of 3 HP, 1590x1650x1200 size, and weighs at 497 kg.Â

You can connect with Unitfine Machineries for further inquiries about the discharge gate and recommendations on what model is suitable for your manufacturing process.

Specification Table

Model Power Dimension (L x W x H, mm) Weight (KG)
Length Width Height
LS-600-1S 3/4 HP 790 790 740 95
LS-800-1S 1 HP 910 980 830 145
LS-1000-1S 2 HP 1130 1130 880 211
LS-1200-1S 2 HP 1290 1390 1040 313
LS-1500-1S 3 HP 1590 1650 1200 497


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