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Grains Mixing Transporting Packing System

The grain mixing machine has two components, one is structured for mixing and while the other one is for crushing.Â

What the mixing structure does is it mixes materials with a whirl type force coming from the thruster then pushes it to pass through the pipeline to be lifted to the top of the mixer to continue the thorough mixing process by passing it up and down from right to left. This material passing process is repeated until it meets the requirements of the industry standard.

The crushing structure can handle material inputs manually or automatically. Once materials enter the crushing room, it will be crushed to a certain level or graininess by the hammer leaf beating and of the air scrubbing into itÂ

Product Features

  1. Can be used with oily and non-oily material properties. It is also suitable for materials with thick and powder like consistencies such as metal powders, putty, and stone coatings.Â
  2. Depending on custom components used on the machine, the estimated weight can go from 100 to 2000 kilograms.Â
  3. Easy machine installation and setup.
  4. Produces large and consistent outputs at a time with less noise.Â
  5. Uses turnkeys as a part of its production methods.Â
  6. Made out of high-grade stainless steel plates that will last a long period of time even with excessive everyday use.
  7. Easy to clean and maintain.Â
  8. Can be easily operated even with minimal supervision.Â
  9. Uses a new type of mixing equipment that produces efficiency, consistent production, produces little to no pollution, and conserves lower energy.Â
  10. The mixer has three different barrel section which is feeding ports, ribbon agitators, and driven unit and discharging port.Â
  11. Materials are heavily powdered by the Vertical Blender Mixer.
  12. Suitable for automatic packing of raw and other product materials such as seeds, beans, candy, medicine, and many others.Â
  13. Can work with raw materials such as nylon composite film, polyethylene, cellophane, polyester, and other packaging materials.Â
  14. Packing descriptions (product quantity and length) and speed can be controlled in the main control panel.Â

Machine Application

Unitfine Machinery’s Grains Mixing Transporting Packing System is widely used by different industry sectors that require heavy grain mixing and transport packing. It can be used in the grain mixing process of materials such as grains, beans, pearl barley, black beans, soybeans, natto, red beans, buckwheat, peas, and green beans. Though it can also be widely used for other materials as well as animal feeds, pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, paint, mortar, and chemical powders.Â

Made from high-class stainless steel and with a production scale capability of 500 to 2000 kilograms per hour, this Grains Mixing & Transporting Packing System from Unitfine can adapt and fully process numerous kinds of materials. It is installed with a novelty rotor configuration which lessens the gap between the rotor and shell to zero.Â

At Unitfine, we can customize the design of your machine system so it will fit unto your production needs. Get in touch with one of our Powder Material Processing Experts today, and share your ideal machine capacity, working flow, and material characteristics.Â

Please tell your desired capacity, material characteristics and working flow,we will design suitable powder mixing and packing system for you!


Grains Mixing Transporting Packing System


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