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UF-450 High Performance Noiseless Vibrating Screen with Mobile Chassis

The UF-450 High-Performance Noiseless Vibrating Screen unit is carefully designed by experts to increase the efficiency and mobility of the production of material particles with limited noise.Â

Made for the sole purpose of producing less to no noise at all while providing the exact mechanism as the traditional vibrating screens, this unit is now considered to be one of the most highly efficient Vibrating screens in the market which makes it popular among small and medium-sized businesses.Â

Unitfine Machinery has different types of built-in mobile chassis and vibrating screens available for industries with varying needs of production and output application requirements. Depending on each client’s manufacturing goals, we can offer vibrating screens with a single, double, or triple deck designs.

A lot of companies use this machine in the mineral and pharmaceutical processing industry. What it does is it can separate tiny particles containing solids and rock sediments whether if the feed is wet or dry. This screening process is the most important procedure in the material screening procedure.Â

What causes the screening is an electromagnetic vibrator that is connected directly on the screening surface. The problem with most vibrator screening machines is that it creates high volume noises which can somewhat be intrusive for the progress of its handler. Â

A normal high-frequency vibrating screen can operate with high temperatures from 0 to 45 degrees and can produce up to 1500 – 7200 rounds per minute. By simply modifying its main machine chamber with installing nylon mesh, mobile chassis, and vibro coating, it can still produce the same results as what a normal vibrating screen can, but with less noise.

  1. Has high mobility and can relocate material particles fast
  2. Each separator can have multiple application but should have different production stages.
  3. The tips of the legs that makes contact with the floor are mounted with rubber. It’s to ensure that no contact with the floor and the machine happens during the production phase. This feature also significantly lessens the chance of the screening machine to “run away” while it’s vibrating.Â
  4. Machine modifications are available upon request. Specs such as the chassis height and adding additional integrant can be placed when ordered.Â
  5. Compatible to all material particle screening systems and proceduresÂ
  6. Easy to clean and maintain
  7. The noiseless frame’s chamber is composed of nylon mesh and vibro coated body to prevent material particles from touching any metal surfaces.Â
  8. Can be modified and designed to have either single, double, or three decksÂ
  9. Made with highly graded stainless steel to withstand long periods of extensive everyday use
  10. Can be easily used with minimal supervision.


The UF-450 Unit is made out of full SS304 stainless steel body. Its mobile chassis is from the same stainless steel component in its hollowed sections.Â

To learn more about the UF-450 High-Performance Noiseless Vibrating Screen with Mobile Chassis, you can contact us today, so we can connect you with one of our Powder Material Processing Experts and guide you to the right model for your needs.


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