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In 1970S To 1980S

a man from Taiwan went to Japan to make his life. Fortunately the guy got a job in a vibrating sieve factory as a assembly worker, while dedicated to his job, he was shifted to sales and management. He made his life and got his first barrel of gold.


In 1980s, he went back to Taiwan and established his own small factory, Laosong Vibrating Separator. His experience has prompted him to venture out and hire his first employees, a team of 5-6 people including himself. He was responsible for both the manufacturing and marketing sides of his enterprise. By his knowledge and skills as an expert in manufacturing and sales, soon Laosong became one of the leading vibrating sieve maker and dealer in the world. He was no more than a cowboy in Japan but nothing stopped him to be a big boss, an investor, a high flyer.


In 1990s, Mainland China was taking every measure to attract investment. Because of his products, Laosong soon got an invitation to come to Xinxiang with his delegates to do research and talk to the local government. He then concluded to establish the Xinxiang Laosong brand to produce vibrating sieves and separators. In a short time, the factory was established with standard equipped tools and equipment. This provided and work opportunity to the local people as well. In no time, Xinxiang Laosong was supplying China market with his products. The local workforce of the company has experienced and gained knowledge on the operations and some of them were promoted to either management sales departments.

Like Laosong, our dedication to our passion has made us more keen in providing our market with only the quality machines ideal to whatever line of business they may have. We provide solutions to your industrial needs through our products like sieves, separators and filters. Our company has expanded its horizon as the market trends together with the technology has never been within our hands as of today.