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The UF-200 is another competitive model which the Unitfine Corporation offers to meet your standard sieving operations. It is like the LS Basic Model. It may seem small or handy, but its capacity to operate and create quality outputs is exceedingly worth it. You’ll love this mobile model.

UF-200 is a light-weight laboratory separator. It contains a five-screen feature can sieve up to 6 classes. It also makes use of a three-dimensional vibration to optimize its performance and neatly separate poured materials. And these include various types of powder or liquid.




NO. Description Unit Data
1 Machine Material / Fully stainless steel SUS304
2 Layers  layer  1-8
3 Diameter  mm  φ200
4 Granularity  mm  0.038-3
5 Noise  dB  ≤50
6 Voltage  V  220
7 Rotation speed  r/min  1420
8 Power  kw  0.125
9 Amplitude  mm  ≤5



UF-200 yields accurate results on whatever samples/materials you place – Fashioned for quality, It is because of its three-dimensional vibration, and it has conclusively demonstrated in different cases. That goes to show the model’s versatility and Adjustability.

Its six frames (5 screens) results in a wide range of separation based on recommended standards – It’s functions like a well-designed funnel that yields the finest output.

It generates a lower noise – Thus, it can be set up in common areas around a building/house. It can also run without personnel having to check it from time to time manually. It only requires minimal supervision. You get the model running, and it’s as good as it goes until the output is completed.

UF-200’s screen can be quickly adjusted to meet the given situation/demand – Because it has a quick release mechanism, one can have an almost instant view of partial/test results. This feature is imperative, especially when there are a lot of samples in the queue for sieving operations. Now, that’s efficiency and effectivity rolled into one.

UF-200 is made up of reputable stainless steel – This partly explains its efficient design and actual operation. All its contact parts are also made of stainless steel. You can also upgrade fully or partially to SS316L, and that’s only one of the great thing about UF-200. Upgrades are needed to facilitate Adjustability to different samples/materials as well.

Driven by Service Philosophy

UF-200 and all other models of Unitfine are geared at giving out the best value to customers. The company believes that the value that a customer receives is clearly demonstrated with post-purchase relevance.

Before the sale, will provide you with the necessary references or materials. Among these include a prophase plan, a process flow design, and manufacturer equipment that is aligned with your specific demand.

After your purchase of UF-200, we will send technical personnel to your site to guide you in the installation and adjustment. They will also train selected operators and complete the check with your approval.

Sales associates or technical experts will also be assigned to monitor how your model is doing great. In that way, sustainable relationships are forged. And that, you will make the most out of your UF-200 model experience.


Lab Vibrating Sieve


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