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Rotary Brush System For Noiseless Vibrating Separator

Unitfine’s rotary brush system is an add-on for noiseless vibrating separators or any screening equipment to eliminate clogging of the screen mesh. This rotary brush system helps reduce a common cause of low production efficiency in industrial manufacturing, which is the clogging of screen mesh on most screening equipment.Â

The combination of a mobile chassis and a brush system makes up this rotary brush system. Moreover, the system attaches and operates independently from the vibrating separator at low rpm or revolution per minute.

The rotary brush system, together with the vibrating separator, is used primarily to break apart lumps of materials that are too large to pass through. The rotary brush system and the screen produce horizontal scraping and vertical crushing motions. These vibrations are what crush the lumps and other large-sized materials so that they can easily pass through the filter. The rotary brush moves in the opposite direction of the vibration of the screen mesh to avoid excessive discharge of the materials from the outlet.

However, there are cases where lumps are hard and cannot be broken apart by the vibration alone. When this problem arises, the rotary brush system brushes the material aside to prevent clogging of the mesh screen, ensuring continuous operation and high production efficiency on materials that easily cluster.

Where to use the Rotary Brush System for Noiseless Vibrating Separator

The brush and separator system is ideal for screening flour, spices like turmeric and chili, cosmetics and active pharmaceutical ingredients, and other products with powder-like consistency. Moreover, the system is suitable for the following materials:

  • Materials with high water content and a high moisture level.
  • Materials with high oil content.
  • Unrefined products with a mixture of impurities.
  • Materials with a significant size distribution.
  • Products that form clumps easily


  • Separate and break lumped products – The rotary brush system add-on ensures precise distribution of the product by breaking and separating the lumps of material formed due to high moisture level or high oil content.Â
  • Easy mobility and adjustability – As mentioned earlier, this is just an add-on for screening equipment; thus, the mobile chassis can be easily removed and adjusted accordingly.
  • Easy cleaning of the rotary brush and screening system – The rotary brush system is removable when it is time to clean or change the screen mesh. The brush is also detachable from the system for cleaning and maintenance.Â
  • Simple operation – The rotary brush system can operate independently or can be coupled with most screen mesh separators.
  • Minimal wear and tear on the brush – The system offers a durable brush. Moreover, as the rotary brush system operates in a manner so that the brush will not make contact with the screen mesh, the brush will have minimal wear and tear and will not get damaged easily.
  • Compact – The rotary brush system is small and lightweight, thus requiring little space.
  • Stainless steel parts – All contact parts of the rotary brush system are of stainless steel, which means that the system is durable, lightweight, and rust-resistant.


  • Please contact us for more information and recommendation on Lao Soung’s rotary brush system.

Applicable Models

Model Noiseless High Performance Multi-Screen
UFB-300 UFB-450 UFB-600 UFB-800 UFB-1000 UFB-1200 UFB-1500
Noiseless High Performance Rotary Brush •


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