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The Unitfine Rotary Cone Mixer is a high-speed mixer used for combine together dry materials for pharmaceutical, chemical, food, and other major industries. Its steel outer barrels and inner arms are what helps it generate its high mixing power to combine consistent dry powder or granulated materials.Â

unitfine rotary cone mixer2
cone mixer working principle

How the Unitfine Rotary Cone Mixer Works

The high function and uniform mixing structures are done through the outer and inner blades. These blades are then being powered by separate motors to enhance the machine’s mixing strength, and also to maintain the different rotations of homogenous mixings.Â

This Rotary Cone Mixer also works for materials that are easily oxidized, can’t survive in high temperatures, highly toxic and damaging to humans, cannot be easily deconstructed, and are residually volatile. The dry and raw materials fed into the machine to mix are usually for the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, dye, feeds, and biochemistry industry.

The internal and external walls of the Rotary Cone Mixer are made from polished stainless steel plates. Not only that it has a beautiful appearance, but it also gets the mixing job done right for your needs.Â

When the machine discharges the mixed materials, it will flow smoothly into one of the discharge valves of the barrel. The flow of solids might depend on the dilation ability of the particles.Â

Key Features
1. The Unitfine Rotary Cone Mixer can be tilted at a 0°~360° angle. It can discharge on one of both ends of the barrel and is highly customizable with pneumatic controls. Using compressed air from HVAC and/or vacuum conveyors to prevent dust and attain automated feeding.
2. The Mixer has an automatic temperature control that can personally be adjusted from 20 to 200 degrees depending on your manufacturing procedures.
3. It fully meets the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) requirements. The machine has stainless steel finishing polished on its inner and outer shells.Â
4. The mixing uniformity performance of the Rotary Cone Mixer can go up to 99%. Because of the continuous rotation mixing, the material will be in a state of complex striking shift inside the container, which enables it to reach the desired uniform mixing levels.Â
5. It has a built-in waterproof control box, overload protector device, and a digital timer. An ampere meter is also included to measure circuit currents accurately. Â
6. You can time your machine with the automatic stopping device. You can set it within 0-60 minutes. It will then automatically stop the mixing once it hits the set time.Â
7. Even with minimal supervision, the Unitfine Rotary Cone Mixer can easily be operated with least labor work. It also increases work efficiency.Â
8. By meeting the GMP standards, it can safely be used by the food and pharmaceutical companies.Â
9. The machine has twice the heat efficiency compared to an ordinary drier.Â
10. Any raw materials mixed within the Rotary Cone Mixer won’t be damaged since the machine’s heat hits the materials indirectly.Â
11. It’s easy to clean and maintain.Â


Model Volume(L) Production



Mixing Capacity(Kg/Batch) Power


Shaft Speed






URCM-100 100L 30~50 <100 1.1 15 1500*600*1500 240
URCM-200 200L 50~100 <150 1.5 15 1750*700*1700 300
URCM-500 500L 150~250 <300 2.2 15 4200*1650*1560 650
URCM-1000 1000L 300~500 <600 3 12 4400*1850*1850 900
URCM-1500 1500L 300~800 <800 4 12 4500*1850*2000 980
URCM-2000 2000L 500~1000 <1000 5.5 12 5400*2050*2250 1600
URCM-3000 3000L 500~1500 <1500 7.5 9 6550*2350*2700 1800
URCM-4000 4000L 1000~2000 <2000 11 9 6800*2500*3000 2200




Some characteristics of the machine not limited to materials, equipment, and data might change.Â

To grab the best item for your products and needs, please contact us, and we’ll surely point you in the right direction.


According to different characteristics of materials and equipment, the data would be changed.

So please contact our engineer to state details of your products and requirement.


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