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SB Type Auto Drive Vibration Mill

This type of drive vibration mill is designed to precisely operate the goal of changing the conventional tech model of a formula B type vibration mill. This naturally produces more fine-grinding and manufacturing power. The systematic and automatic instrument approach of the panel controller can easily do material injections, reduce operation time, particle discharge, and many others.Â

The simultaneous high-speed rotations of the mill can produce circular vibrations in a vertical and horizontal axis which causes shorter grinding time from the shock and friction coming from the powerful grinding of materials such as the pipe and the pipe surface of the vibration mill.Â

Compared the conventional mills most often used in the manufacturing industry, the SB Type Auto Drive Vibration Mill contains a higher capacity and can produce more outputs. This type is specially designed for continuous grindings for more work efficiency.Â

The SB Type Auto Drive Vibration Mill contains a grinding pipe that is attached to a metal spring which is then used to absorb vibrations. An unbalanced weight pulley is connected to a shaft in the electric motor by a Cardan joint which consists of a pair of hinges near each other. The Cardan joint then allows it to bend up to a 90° angle once it’s connected to a cross shaft.

Type Throughput L Capacity L Steel-ball
weight Kg
weight Kg
Gross weight Kg Lubricating
SB-20 20 69 259 2.2*6*2
800 Grease
SB-50 50 150 565 3.7*6*2
1500 Grease
SB-100 100 325 1224 11*6*2
2300 Grease
SB-200 200 645 2430 22*6*2
3500 Grease
SB-300 300 960 3617 30*6*2 4200 Grease


Characteristics Of SB Type Audio Drive Vibration Mill
  1. This type of Vibration Mill can be automatically operated.
  2. Only has one pipe for pulverizing particles and materials.
  3. Can fine grind amounts of materials in mesh and micron sizes.
  4. The machine achieves reaction grinding through the grinding pipe cooling and/or heating system.
  5. Can be operated with minimal supervision as the machine is made to be easily usable.
  6. The machine can work with both wet and dry material types.
  7. Because of its powerful grinding capacity, the grinding time materials are shorter depending on the material type and amount.
  8. It is possible to control Vibrations and noise sounds.
  9. The Auto Drive Vibration Machine is explosion proof.
  10. The machine can either be used for various liners and balls with metallic or nonmetallic components.
  11. One of its key features is that it can simultaneously disperse, grind, and mix materials and particles.
  12. Can grind at low and high temperatures.
  13. The machine is sealed tight enough to prevent any dust and contaminants into the mixture.
  14. Easy to clean and maintain.
Liner Materials Used

This unit is made up of and is not limited to these several types of metals and steel to prolong the machine’s life and usability. These materials are:

  • Alumina
  • Iron
  • Zirconia
  • High tension steel
  • Silicon nitride
  • Abrasion resistance-plastic
  • Stainless steel

The SB Type Auto Drive Vibration Mill can be used in several manufacturing industries such as Agricultural chemical, Medical supplies Pharmaceuticals, Titanium, and Cobalt Oxidation, Rare earth elements, glass and ceramic production, food, graphite, pigment, cobalt, Zirconia, and many others.

Important Reminder
Characteristics and materials used to make the machine might differ based on the work type of the industry you are working in.
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SB type Auto drive Vibration Mill


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