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UF08 Ultrasonic Generator

Industrial types of machinery need a powerful generator to support its energy needs. When it comes to ultrasonic vibrating mesh cleaning, what you need is an Ultrasonic Generator.

The UF08 Ultrasonic Generator weighs 3.1kg. However, it is strong enough to support vibrating screens that are under 1500mm in diameter. This self-fabricated product can accommodate years of tests and application, so you’re sure to get a durable and reliable ultrasonic generator for your ultrasonic transducers. However, if your vibrating screen is more 1500mm in diameter, what you need is the GTS30 Ultrasonic Screen Deblinding system.

What an ultrasonic generator does is that it provides just the right amount of electrical energy to ultrasonic transducers. It converts the energy received from the power line into the appropriate voltage, frequency, and amperage to power ultrasonic vibrating mesh cleaning. When it comes to UF08 Ultrasonic Generator, it makes sure the working frequency is at 38KHZ.

Features of the UF08 Ultrasonic Generator
  • Five work modes (C1 to C5)
  • Lightweight, durable and effective
  • Full-sealing casting structure
  • Made from high-quality aluminum
  • Easy connection mode for easy plug, removal, and replacement
  • Applicable for vibrating screens below 1500mm diameter
  • Can work even in high-dust environments

Ultrasonic Generator

no. name parameter
1 Power supply AC 220V±10%,50~60Hz
2 The machine current ≤ 1A
3 High frequency current ≤ 0.8A
4 Working frequency 38 KHZ
5 Model five kinds
6 The highest temperature 45 degrees
7 Connection mode plug type, easy to plug, convenient replacement
8 Dimension 250*195*90mm
9 Weight 3.1kg
10 The shell Full-sealing casting aluminum structure,

can be used in high dust,environment

What The Displays On A UF08 Ultrasonic Generator Means

An Ultrasonic Generator has an easy to understand controller panel with a digital window that displays its working condition. The control panel has a work mode and work/pause button. The ultrasonic controller consists of five working modes. The user has the freedom to use which work mode to choose, depending on your needs.

The Work/Pause Button

Press the work/pause button once in the working condition. It enables the ultrasonic generator to suspend work, and the digital display window will show up as 0000 PX. The “X” is the work mode from 1-5. Press the work/pause button again, and it will go from its suspended state return to its normal working condition.

The Work Mode Button

The Ultrasonic Generator controller has five different work modes – from C1 to C5. The C1 work mode is the strongest, followed by C2. C3 is less than C2 and with C4 being the weakest work mode. As for the C5, this indicates the pulse condition. To change the work mode of the ultrasonic system, one only needs to press once to choose between C1 to C5 conversion cycles.

The Memory Function

The great advantage of having smart ultrasonic generator nowadays is their ability to retain memory. For example, the last time you used the ultrasonic generator, you chose the C2 work mode. The next time you use it and turn it on, it will be on the C2 working mode. You can decide to change it or not, depending on your needs.

The Error Display Function

If the digital display window shows with an E, it indicates a piece of error information. When it shows E1, this means the working current is a lot more than the rated value. E2 error dictates a weak ultrasonic amplitude. On the other hand, an E3 error states there is no working current on the ultrasonic generator.

Delinding Kit

Trouble Shooting

NO. Display word Means Note
1 CX (X represents a number of 1-5) represent the continuous state
work. For example: C1 said the current work in C1 model.
Window on the fist line
2 0.XXX (XXX represent three digits), said that the output state value of ultrasonic Window on the fist line
3 PX (X represents a number of 1-5) suspend state currently. For example:
P1 means suspend state under the working mode 1.
Window on the fist line
4 E1 Wrong word 1 said ultrasonic working current is more than rated value. Window on the fist line
5 E2 Wrong word 2 said ultrasonic amplitude is weak. Window on the fist line
6 E3 Wrong word 3 said ultrasonic no working current Window on the fist line


Single package size: 40X30X20 cm
Single gross weight: 6.0 KG
Package Type: Carton


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