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GTS30 Ultrasonic Screen Deblinding System for Vibrating Sieve

Mesh clogging is a common problem in the sieving industry and other associated services. It not only damages the device being used but also leads to reduced quality yield/output. But don’t worry, the Unitfine’s GTS 30 Ultrasonic Screen Deblinding System comes to the rescue those headaches for vibrating sieves.

The GTS30 ultrasonic vibrating sieve system is indeed an innovative approach to dealing with current mesh clogging. It is practical and straightforward to use, and its effectiveness has been demonstrated in countless instances. It’s versatile equipment as it can be used in various industries such as pharmaceutical, metallurgical, chemical, mineral processing, food, and other required industries.

The GTS30 system’s high precision screening and filtration prevent the mesh from being blocked; thus, addressing the reunion, static, strong adsorption card network Holes and other screening problems.

Operation Video

What Makes GTS30 Ultrasonic Sieve Special?

Being a revolutionary device in the domestic sieving industry, GTS30 is unique in many ways. It is not your typical solution with lapses and inconsistencies. GTS30 is complete equipment that offers various support systems.

For one, GTS30 is simpler and more convenient to use. Its attachments such as wirings are easy to plug and replace. In just a hands-on demonstration, you can already learn how it works and applies it right away. Just in case you missed some steps, there are tutorials available online. So, the company got your back whenever you need assistance.

Second, the output power is large that it can drive two meters of the net. To date, it would be harder to find a sieving system with such capacity. Relatedly, it has a high universality. That means it is suitable for any external network and can be driven.

Third, the host and the transducer of the GTS30 is adjustable depending on the given situation. For instance, these can be into 40 °C ~ 60 °C while being operated at a given time. By the way, the maximum ambient temperature is 60 degrees. That is why a transducer often mechanically lapses when working at a 40 °C room temperature.

Moreover, the GTS30’s aviation plug-in boasts of an innovative design which prevents the transducer from being burnt out and eliminates outside dust entrance. That by the way, is a significant advantage during sieving operations, affecting the quality of the product.

Thanks to the GTS30’s quality structure and design, any form of sieving can be done efficiently and effectively leading to optimum results.

GTS30’s Full-Fledged Package

Upon your decision to purchase and after undergoing preliminaries such as demonstrations, you will be provided with the following set: Ultrasonic Generator, HF Cable, Converter, Ultrasonic Screen Frame, and Screen Mesh. Each has specific descriptions, and you’ll be provided with reference materials such as English User Manual, parts manual, product certification, and other related certificates.

As mentioned above, the company’s got your back. That is because you will be provided with post-purchase services to make sure that you are doing well with the equipment. First, there is a 14 months warranty with installation and commissioning. Second, spare parts will also be provided for maintaining the equipment within two years. Third, company technical experts would be rendering constant assistance. And yes, you are welcome to seek consultation for free!

So, got sieving needs? Do choose to purchase GTS30. Undoubtedly, the results you will create will make all the difference. And yes, you’ll sustainably do away with mesh clogging!

Ultrasonic Deblinding Kit


1. Ultrasonic Generator: 30KHz high frequency ultrasonic generator. Built-in microcomputer chip, according to the different state of ultrasound for full digital frequency automatic tracking, without manual adjustment, simple and convenient operation.

2. HF cable: Between the ultrasonic oscillator and the ultrasonic controller adopt cable connection.

3. Converter: High Frequency Ultrasonic Transducers.

4. Ultrasonic screen frame: composed of external frame and resonance ring.

5. Screen mesh: from 100 mesh to 635 mesh.

Test in the factory


Packing and Shipping

GTS30 ultrasonic generator packing
Single package size: 40X30X20 cm
Single gross weight: 5.0 KG
Package Type: Carton

After Sales Services
1. 14 months warranty when products leave the factory, or 12 months warranty after installation and commissioning in addition to the human damage factors.
2. 2 years spare-parts provided for better maintenance.
3. Professional technical staffs provide installation, commissioning and training services.
4. Delivery with English user manual, parts manual, product certification and other relevant certificates.
5. Free Technical consultant for any time.


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