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Unitfine Machinery’s hammer mill is a size reducing and grounding equipment widely used in most industries from the food and beverage to the pharmaceutical industry. The hammer mill uses a set of cutting knives and hammer discs to grind and shatter grains, fruits, plants, and other materials used in manufacturing. Unitfine Machinery offers durable and highly effective hammer mills suitable with any industrial needs.

Specifically Designed – Unitfine hammer mill keeps the manufacturing needs in mind. It breaks granular materials efficiently to ensure high productivity.

Non-Clogging Design – Enough clearance from the input, crushing chamber, and output provides a smooth flow of materials, helping to prevent clogging, which can cause production downtime.

Simplified Maintenance and replaceable part – All parts can be easily removed and replaced. Unitfine hammer mill’s interior parts that are replaceable includes blade discs, hammer discs, cutting knife, and the screen net.

Durable Construction – You can expect a long life expectancy with Unitfine’s hammermill. The heavy-duty steel housing and oversized bearings provide dependability.

Smart Design – If the material property keeps the material size big even with the impact of the knives and hammers, the knives will recede, protecting the knife shaft and crushing efficiency of the hammer mill.

Accurate material sizing – The screen net is replaceable with different sizes to ensure that the output is within the correct material size.


Model Weight




Match Power Hammer Qty Screen Mesh
(KW) (HP)
UHM36 85 900*750*1070 5.5-7.5 10 12 0.5-5
UHM40 160 945*835*768 7.5-11 12 12 1.2-8
UHM42 125 730*650*920 11-15 18 16 1.2-20
UHM50 280 1150*1200*1090 11-15 20-28 16 1.2-20
UHM50-40 275 1100*930*1030 22-37 24 1.2-30
UHM50-50 360 1157*1250*1030 30-37 30 1.2-30
UHM50-60 380 1157*1355*1030 37-45 36 1.2-30

According to different characteristics of materials and equipment, the data would be changed.

hammer mill gallery

Extensive Application:



  1.   In the pharmaceutical industry, it is used to powder medicinal plants, leaves, and active pharmaceutical ingredients (API).
  2.   In the agricultural sector, to crush animal feeds and grains.
  3.   In the industrial industry to reduce the size of salt, meat, and more

Essential Parts of the Hammer Mill

The hammer mill consists of three primary parts: feeding hopper, crushing chamber, and output.

Feeding hopper – The feeding hopper is where the materials to be grounded enters. It can either be gravity or a metered feeding system.

Crushing chamber – The crushing chamber houses the cutting knives and hammers. These are the fundamental tools that cut, crush, and grind the materials. They rotate at a controllable speed with a power of 5.5KW to 45KW. Depending on the hammer mill, the knife and hammer quantity can range from 12 to 36 pieces.

Output – The finished product of the hammer mill passes through here.

Interior parts are multiple & replaceable:

hammer mill interior parts
With high speed rotation of knives, materials are crushed by the impact and cut force. If material size remains big, impact will exceed the centrifugal force, knives will recede(moving back and forth) to protect knife shaft and crushing efficiency remains the same.


Unitfine Hammer Mill


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