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Flow-Thru Rotary Vibrating Separator

Unitfine Machinery’s Flow-Thru Rotary Vibrating Separator is a powerful high-efficient machine that compacts high capacity scalping for both wet and dry materials. This new type of machine consists of a low headroom design and two motors connected on the opposite sides of its body, which creates a three-dimensional kind of motion. It will allow the material to flow through with maximum vibration. Also, it is widely used as a sieving machine in manufacturing products such as instant noodles.

The machine is made to be versatile, but it is mostly used for prepackaging products for the food and pharmaceutical industries. It can also be used to unload bulk bags and evaluate raw ingredients which will then be used for later production.

The Flow-Thru Rotary Vibrating Separator machine can adjust a material’s motion trace through the hammer’s phase angle. Also, it depends on the manufacturers’ needs and can be customized by installing a new force to create a different balance from the hammer’s weight.

This machine has five different models where each has a unique Vibro-separator power. Machine diameter can go from 600mm to 1500mm. Kilowatt power can go from 0.1×2 up to 0.4×2. All models have the same mesh power of 5 to 100, 1450 rounds per minute frequency, and 3-5mm on amplitude.

  1. The machine is small and tight.
  2. Can handle large quantities of material all in one go.
  3. This machine consumes less power compared to other brands’ rotary vibrating separators.
  4. It can automatically eject oversized material particles that didn’t fit the standard size requirements.
  5. Can be operated with minimal supervision as the machine is made to be easily used.
  6. The machine’s mesh screen can be easily replaced.
  7. It is more suitable for the process of security screening of dry materials with little to no large material particles.
  8. It makes material particles flow in a direct current like the design.
  9. Because it generates three-dimensional vibration, the screening effect is better, and the surface is kept continuously clean and smooth.
  10. The machine has high-screening accuracy and can produce large outputs at a time.
  11. It is made from high-quality stainless steel to last years of extensive everyday use.

This separator can be used by multiple industry companies such as:

  1. Pharmaceuticals
  2. Food and Spices
  3. Chemical
  4. Plastic
  5. Fertilizer
  6. Wood
  7. Rubber
  8. Fodder
  9. Recycling
  10. And many others.
    It is most often used for coarse and fine grind screening powders and material particles in flour, laundry powder, starch, food additives, chemicals, etc.

The machine also can separate foreign objects that got included in raw powder materials. The food industry companies mostly use the feeding system for the manufacturing process.

Technical Parameter of flow- thru Vibro separator
Model Diameter

Model Diameter
Mesh Power
UFZP600 600 5-100 0.1*2 1450 3-5
UFZP800 800 5-100 0.2*2 1450 3-5
UFZP1000 1000 5-100 0.2*2 1450 3-5
UFZP1200 1200 5-100 0.4*2 1450 3-5
UFZP1500 1500 5-100 0.4*2 1450 3-5

Depending on how large you require your production size to be, please be reminded that the Flow-Thru Vibro Separator has five different models that vary in diameter size and kilowatt power. To get more information on which model would be best for your production needs, please get in touch with one of our Powder Material Processing Experts.


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