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UF Ceramic Slurry Vibrating Screen

Our vibrating Separator & Filter with the normal specification are made of stainless steel SUS304 that contacting part between the machine body and untreated material, and the pedestal is Mild steel.

  • We also accept special orders according to your requirements:

We have designed many different types such as airtight type, edged-adding type, gated type, direct-discharging type, water-injection type, moving-wheel type, etc.

  • The Working Principle:

We adopted the new type of vertical motor which can make the movement into the 3-D movement: i.e.: horizontal, vertical and incline movement and then pass the movement to the screen surface;

While adjusting the phase angle of hammers at the upper and lower ends of the motor, the movement path of material on the screen surface can be changed.




UF-Badao Vibrating Separator & Filter Model

Model Power(KW) Diameter of sieves(mm) Efficient Area(mm3) Layer
UF-800 -1S 0.37 760 0.5027 1
-2S 0.55 2
UF-1000 -1S 0.40 1000 0.7390 1
-2S 0.55 2
UF-1200 -1S 0.45 1130 1.075 1
-2S 0.75 2

UF series Vibrating Separator & Filter Dimensions

Unit: mm



A B C1 C2 E F
UF-800-1S 530 330 620 / 830 800
UF-800-2S 530 330 620 770 980 800
UF-1000-1S 680 330 620 / 920 1040
UF-1000-2S 530 330 620 770 1070 1040
UF-1200-1S 800 330 620 / 920 1170
UF-1200-2S 800 330 620 770 1070 1170

Remark: The above-mentioned data is only for reference and the data may be changed subject to the model, mesh, material and the treatment volume in the alteration of features.

ceramic slurry screen dimension


  • This filter is the patented product of our company, by People’s Republic of China State Intellectual Property Office review.
  • The filter adopts the International brand, Italy Oli-Wolong Vibrator. With low noise, small volume, lightweight, low power consumption, strong overload capacity, quick-start-stop characteristics, is a new generation of environmentally friendly products.
  • With Z type screen frame, change the sieve very easily.
  • Mesh is not blocked, no material phenomenon splash, impurity automatic discharge, continuous operation.
  • The material could be AISI304 or AISI 316.



  • The filter is mainly used for the ceramic slurry filtration initial time. And now, it’s widely used for high-throughput filtration.
  • Solid-liquid separation: this kind of device can be used in single, double; can be very effective for dealing with solid and liquid mixtures rapidly for solid-liquid separation and filters to filter out different mesh materials.
  • Impurity: Could be removed a lot of liquid fraction of miscellaneous materials of different sizes, and separated fast.



  • Uniform feeding, feeding amount should be equal to the discharge amount. If feeding too much at one time, it will be hindering the normal movement in the screen surface. This will not only loose mesh, but also reduce the amount of processing. Meanwhile, the sudden increase in motor load will reduce motor life.
  • Put an end to a strong impact force feeding methods, should be retrofitted surge hopper. If the material is a direct impact on the net surface, not only consume the exciting force generated by the vibration source, causing more damage and mesh sieve fatigue, and impact screening filter production.

I. Installment

  1. Please confirm the machine which you buy is right or not.
  2. When the machine has been moved to the installation location, the users according to the actual situation, and see if they need to be mechanically fastened, but note that the machine must be in a horizontal position, otherwise, may affect the normal operation of the machine.
  3. Correctly connect the power cord. To ensure that the power cord intact. Note insulation protection.

II. Check before Operation

  1. Whether be in balance or not.
  2. Whether remove the support (notice near by the spring)
  3. Whether fixed the base on the ground or not.
  4. Whether the sub-screen is smoother or not.
  5. Whether fastened the screws of turnbuckle r not.
  6. Whether the distance is enough between the inlet and the sieves.
  7. Whether the machine body gets in touch with the other things.

III. Trial Operation
If there is no problem after checking the above-mentioned items, you can input a few materials on the central of mesh, then adjust it according to the flow direction phase, speed, and the handling capacity



IV. Adjustment Method Of The Hammer Phase Angle
Users according to the different material properties, adjust the weight angle. To change the trajectory of the material, extend or shorten the time of materials in the screen mesh, to achieve the best sieving results.

When the users adjust the weight angle, just need to change the lower weight. The upper weight doesn’t need to change. For example, when the phase angle is from 0°to 15°, the upper weight keeps static, and then along the direction of motor rotation, make the lower weight is early 15° than the upper weight.


V. Change the Sieves
Method One for Replacing the Sieves

Step one: Separate the turnbuckle and cover by unscrewing them, then replace the net.

Step two Fasten the upper and lower flame with multi-pincers at the edge of the frame.

Step three: Trim the outside net and remain about 2cm.

Step four: Reinstall the turnbuckle take away the pincers then fasten the screw.

Step five: Beat all round the turnbuckle equally by rubber hammer, then fasten the screw. The replacement is over.

Method Two For Replacing The Sieve

Step one: The same above-mentioned Step One;

Step two: Put the sub-screen on the main screen smoothly, and evenly press the metal circle. Not too tight to avoid damaging the sub-screen.

Step three: Crop the surplus net and install the sealing circle;

Step four and five: The same above-mentioned Step Four and Five


  • When tightening the turnbuckle the lower one needs to be the first. And then tighten the upper one. Don’t in reverse order.
  • Please wear protective gloves when you change the sieves.


VI. Eliminate Troubles

Motor does not run 1.Confirm power Turn on the switch
2.Loose contact for the length of cable Replace the cable
3.Whether disconnection of cable Replace the cable
4.Single phase operate to damage the coil Replace the motor
5.Inject over-Lubrication oil Operate continuously
Abnormal noise 1.The screw of turnbuckle less tight Fasten it
2.The turnbuckle be linked incompletely Fasten cooper screws
3.The base unbalance Steady the base
4.Spring be damaged Replace spring
5. The machinery body contact with

other hardness thing

Make the gap about 10cm
6. The screw for fixing the motor loose Fasten it
7. The outlet contact with other thing Remove it
The trouble with material auto-discharge 1.The direction of motor working is wrong Adjust the order of wires
2.The phase angle too big Phase angle<90
3. The motor install wrong Invert it
Sieve easy damage 1.Rubber ring is out of the service Replace the rubber ring
2.the sieves not tight Refer the replacing sieves way
The outlet cracking 1. The linking-pipe too heavy Separate it
2. The turnbuckle fasten unevenly Fasten it

VII. Maintenance

In daily
(a) Before using 1. Check the sieves
2. Clock tightly every turnbuckle
(b) Be using 1. To caution against the unusual voice
2. To keep electric current stable
3. To avoid unusual vibration
(c) After using Clean up the sieves.


  • Against wash motor when cleaning up the machine.
  • When not in use, please cut off the power.
  • The vibration motor should be cleaned surface dust, in order to facilitate vertical vibrating motor heat.
  • Regular checking the degree of the wear, like the sieves, spring, gasket ring.


ceramic slurry screen dimension


VIII. Instructions for use
This product has optimal screening capacity when the following conditions are met.

  1. Operating Temperature: Changing with the seasons, but in the range of -20~40 centi degree‚
  2. Altitude: Not more than 1500m
  3. Power frequency: same with the local.
  4. Rated voltage: same with the local.
  5. Insulation class: Main body H grade, connecting line cavity F grade
  6. Working mode: S1 (continuous)

Notice: When to start working again, after the stay for a long time. It must be to measure the voltage and resistance, before starting use.


clay mud vibrating screen2

X. Warranty description
Thank you for selecting our products. You will receive the following services:

  • If there is no special agreement in the sales contract, Warranty period: one year from the machine delivery date. (Motor and main parts, not include the wearing parts)
  • During the warranty period, it’s free service because of product quality problems caused by machine failure.
  • The following conditions do not belong to the scope of free services, but we can offer a premium service.

[A] The damage caused by customer inappropriate preservation, maintenance, or usage.

[B] Repair or disassembly not by our staff.

[C] The warranty has expired.

[D] No labels or the labels have been obliterated.

  • If the customer requires wearing parts, the supplier promise will be sold at a cost price.
  • Other objections would be resolved after mutual consultation.


IX. Transport and storage
Do not turn over in the transport and storage of this machine, should not be stacked to prevent damage.


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