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The Unitfine U Type Screw Conveyor has a trough-type tube which boasts multiple vents and outlets and has an inclination angle of 20° at the most. It also comprises of a driven device, hang bearing, conveyor casing, screw shaft, screw blade, and a bearing seat. Relatively, single or a combination of different screw equipment can be used to integrate akin to specific on-site standards/demands. The rotation of the model’s blade is initiated by a motor which then harvests the materials via the spiral toward the outlets.

It generally consists of a bearing seat, screw blade, screw shaft, hang bearing, conveyor casing, and driven device, etc. Single or combination of multiple screw equipment can be used to integrate to meet particular on-site requirements. It has a trough-type tube with numerous inlets and outlets, which also has an inclination angle of a maximum of 20°. The motor initiates the rotation of the blade and then the material is transferred via the spiral to the outlets.

The Unitfine U-Type Screw Conveyor makes Unitfine’s model friendly for various industries.

Technical Specifications

The Unitfine’s U-Type Screw Conveyor has various types to suit your needs and situation. These are: US160, US200, US250, US315, US400, US500, US630, US800, US1000, US1250. The given number also pertains to each type’s diameter in mm. The screw pitch, however, has variations ranging from 160mm, 200mm, 250mm, 315mm, 355mm, 400mm, 450mm, 500mm, 560mm, to 630mm.

The technical parameters include the Rotation Speed based on r/min, the allowable deviation of < 10%, the C—Capacity of m3/h, and the Filling Factor = 0.33. All these will be laid out to you and thoroughly discussed.

Advantages and Features

Just like other equipment of the Unitfine, the U-Type Screw Conveyor is also exceptional in various ways. Its carefully designed structure will unquestionably not fail you in its operations in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.

It has an enclosed structure – It prevents dust and other flowable materials from being splashed, thus, creating a clean working environment. Its conveyor length can also be customized based on arising needs and situation.

Unitfine’s model is low-cost/budget friendly as compared to conventional brands – That is because its economically-structures, purposively crafted for the masses. Its quality remains competitive.

It has a conveyor angle – It ranges from 0-30 degrees as well as a screw pitch that can be adjusted based on the demands of the various materials being harvested and delivered. Relatively, it also adjusts based on arising working conditions while feeding and discharging in different positions.

It has a hanging bearing – It helps in holding the screw blades if the attached trough is more than 3-4 meters. It further has a gear motor brand which can be locally sourced or imported from famed brands such as Tailong, SEW, Siemens, and many others.

It is simple and easy to operate and install – Despite its various functions, this model comes in handy, and you can quickly learn how it works in just an all-out demonstration. Good thing, the company’s got your back as you can request for technical support even after your purchase. The company has an excellent post-sales service to ensure that your experience with the models you buy pays off.

  • Chemical
  • Food
  • Pharma
  • Minerals
  • Guar Gum
  • Starch
  • Cellulose
  • Pigment Colors
  • Minerals -Ores

LS screw conveyor specification & technical parameters 
Type US160 US200 US250 US315 US400 US500 US630 US800 US1000 US1250
Diameter/mm 160 200 250 315 400 500 630 800 1000 1250
Screw pitch/mm 160 200 250 315 355 400 450 500 560 630
technical parameters S 112 100 90 80 71 63 50 40 32 25
C 8 14 24 34 64 100 145 208 300 388
S 90 80 71 63 56 50 40 32 25 20
C 7 12 20 26 52 80 116 165 230 320
S 71 63 56 50 45 40 32 25 20 16
C 6 10 16 21 41 64 94 130 180 260
S 50 50 45 40 36 32 25 20 16 13
C 4 7 13 16 34 52 80 110 150 200
  S—Rotation Speed (r/min), Allowable Deviation < 10%       C—Capacity (m3/h), Filling Factor = 0.33


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