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A lot of separation products are available out there in the market. But many of these easily break during actual operations. There are, however, reputable models you can find. One such model is the Unitfine’s Raised Rim Inlet.

In particular, the Unitfine’s Raised Rim Inlet is designed for continuous separation or sieving. It works best with wet separation. But it can still yield favorable and quality output for dry separation. It has an inlet port which is composed of an elevated rim; this is attached directly to the top frame.

There is also a more significant inlet port at the raised rim. This feature makes it possible for the model to operate at a high-volume pace with ease continuously. Just let it on, and it’ll be running on its own with very minimal supervision. Now, this is advantageous if you are running other similar errands.

A Detailed View of Its Special Features

What makes Unitfine’s Raised Rim Inlet stand out?

First, the Raised Rim Inlet can operate in high volume. It does not entail constant supervision since it can operate continuously. Good thing, you do not have to worry that the machine will break out. It works fine and neatly even while you are away. It is best to apply this model for separating wet materials (e.g., liquid recycling).

Second, it operates in a contained manner. Imagine making use of a separator. As you turn it on, it suddenly begins splashing the placed materials. Or it suddenly discharges them on an existing vent. Now, you wouldn’t want that kind of model. Fortunately, the Raised Rim Inlet of Unitfine is well-structured internally and externally so that when it runs, it does not splash especially liquid materials. It helps maintain a cleaner operating environment. Moreover, there is less material loss. And that means, more cuts on costs while boosting efficiency and effectiveness.

Third, it requires lower maintenance. As stressed earlier, when you start running it, then it’s good to go. It has been designed that way. And the good thing about it, you are assured that it runs smoothly and efficiently. Just make sure you correctly set up the preliminaries and have its add-ons installed well, so there wouldn’t be a problem.

Moreover, what makes this possible is its raised rim that is directly linked to the upper frame. It also helps to reduce components and significantly decreases the number of materials being stuck between parts. Now, that would be to your advantage, right? It runs smoothly, and you wouldn’t have to bother anymore with cleaning the machine with specialized tools.

So, with all the necessary features and benefits presented; indeed, you now have a closer glimpse of what you can gain from this innovative model. Planning to purchase one, do choose Unitfine, and you’ll not regret it.

By the way, the company offers post-sales services. Among these include the installation of the equipment and its add-on parts. The company also assigns staff to do constant monitoring.


Applicable Models

Model Noiseless High Performance Multi-Screen
UFR-300 UFR-450 UFR-600 UFR-800 UFR-1000 UFR-1200 UFR-1500
Raised Rim Inlet available model       N/A        N/A A A A A A


Specification Table

Model Power Dimension (L x W x H, mm) Weight (KG)
Length Width Height
UFR-600-1S 3/4 HP 790 790 740 95
UFR-800-1S 1 HP 910 980 830 145
UFR-1000-1S 2 HP 1130 1130 880 211
UFR-1200-1S 2 HP 1290 1390 1040 313
UFR-1500-1S 3 HP 1590 1650 1200 497


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