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Rotary Brush System For Multi Screen Separators

Unitfine’s rotary brush system improves the efficiency and productivity of multi-screen separators for materials that easily cluster. In industrial processing, one of the most common causes of production delay is clogging of sieving screens due to lumped particles. The rotary brush system is a helpful add-on that addresses problems on clogging on multi-screen separators.

Operation of the rotary brush system for multi-screen separators

The rotary brush system consists of a brush system and a mobile chassis. It is an add-on that works independently of the multi-screen separator at low rpm.

Operation starts with the inflow of materials on the screening mesh from feed storage or hopper. The horizontal scraping motions and vertical crushing motions between the brush and the screen breaks the lumped particles that can clog the screen mesh. Materials that are too large to pass through and lumps that are too hard to break are brushed aside to prevent clogging of the screen.

The rotary brush system ensures precise distribution of materials so that they can evenly and equally flow across the screen mesh. With a smooth operation on the multi-screen separators, production capacity increases and manufacturing waste decreases.

Application of the rotary brush system for multi-screen separators

The rotary brush system is ideal for screening products like sugar, wheat flour, spices like turmeric, powder cosmetics, active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) and excipients, and other raw materials that need sieving.

Moreover, the rotary brush system is suitable for materials with the following characteristics:

  • Materials with high water content and a high moisture level
  • Materials with high oil content
  • Unrefined products with a mixture of impurities
  • Materials with a significant size distribution
  • Products that form clumps easily


  • Durable parts – Stainless steel makes up all contact parts of the rotary brush system, which makes the product durable and resistant to rust and corrosion. Moreover, the brush system does not make contact with the screen mesh during operation – this decreases the wear and tear of both the brushes and the screen mesh and ensures their longevity.
  • Separate and break – The rotary brush system add-on ensures precise distribution of the product by separating the lumps of material formed due to high moisture level or high oil content. It also separates materials that are too large and lumps that are too hard to break to prevent screen mesh clogging.
  • Simple operation – The rotary brush system can operate independently at low rpm, or it can serve as an add-on that works with most screen mesh separators.
  • Mobile and adjustable – The portable chassis is removable so it will not get in the way when it is time to clean, maintain, or replace the mesh screen. The rotary brush system can be easily adjusted to meet the material and production specifications.
  • Easy cleaning – As mentioned earlier, the rotary brush system is detachable from the multi-screen separator, thus making it easy to clean or change its brushes.

Applicable Models

Model Noiseless High Performance Multi-Screen
UF-300 UF-450 UF-600 UF-800 UF-1000 UF-1200 UF-1500
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