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  • Applications of Tubular Chain Conveyors in Various Industries
November 23 2023

Applications of Tubular Chain Conveyors in Various Industries

Introduction of Tubular Chain Conveyor

In the realm of material handling and bulk transportation, the tubular chain conveyor, also known as the tube chain conveyor, has emerged as a versatile and efficient solution. This cutting-edge conveyor system has found applications across diverse industries, revolutionizing the way materials are conveyed. With its unique design and capabilities, the tubular chain conveyor has become an integral component in processes where gentle and precise handling of materials is paramount.

Tubular Chain Conveyor: A Brief Overview

The tubular chain conveyor is a conveyor system that utilizes a chain of discs to move materials through a sealed tube. The chain and discs form an enclosed system that prevents dust, contamination, and spillage, making it an ideal choice for industries with stringent cleanliness and safety requirements. This conveyor system is not only robust but also highly flexible, adapting to the specific needs of different industries.

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Applications in the Food Industry

In the food industry, where hygiene and contamination control are of utmost importance, tubular chain conveyors have become indispensable. These conveyors excel in handling delicate food products such as grains, powders, and fragile items like chips or snacks. The sealed design ensures that the conveyed materials remain uncontaminated throughout the process. Additionally, the gentle conveying mechanism prevents product degradation, maintaining the integrity and quality of the food products.

Tubular Chain Conveyors in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

The pharmaceutical industry demands precision and cleanliness in every stage of production. Tubular chain conveyors have proven to be a reliable solution for the pharmaceutical sector, facilitating the movement of raw materials, intermediates, and finished products. The enclosed system prevents cross-contamination and ensures that the conveyed materials meet the stringent quality standards required in pharmaceutical manufacturing. The tubular chain conveyor’s adaptability makes it suitable for both bulk and batch material handling in pharmaceutical processes.

Tubular Chain Conveyors in the Automotive Sector

In the automotive industry, where precision and efficiency are critical, tubular chain conveyors play a vital role in transporting various components and materials along the production line. From small parts to larger components, the conveyor system ensures a smooth and controlled flow, reducing the risk of damage or defects. The sealed environment of the tubular chain conveyor is particularly beneficial when handling sensitive automotive components that require protection from contaminants.

Tubular Chain Conveyors in the Future of Material Handling

As industries continue to evolve, the demand for advanced and efficient material handling solutions is on the rise. Tubular chain conveyors, with their versatility and reliability, are likely to play an even more significant role in the future. The adaptability of these conveyors makes them suitable for emerging industries, including renewable energy, where the careful handling of raw materials is essential for sustainable production processes.


In conclusion, the tubular chain conveyor has become a cornerstone in various industries, providing a seamless and efficient means of material handling. Its applications in the food, pharmaceutical, and automotive sectors highlight its adaptability to diverse requirements. As industries continue to seek innovative solutions for material transport, the tubular chain conveyor stands out as a reliable and future-ready choice, ensuring the smooth and contamination-free movement of materials in a wide range of applications.

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