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June 25 2015

Meeting Summary between Unit-Fine & Nano Tarh Alborz



Meeting for Vibrating Sieve Cooperation

January 25, 2015, 8:50 am


3:00 p.m.

Unit-Fine Machinery Co.Ltd

Factory Office

Attendees: Managing Director of Nano Tarh Alborz, Mr.Abdolah Zareei(Chief engineer from Nano Tarh Alborz), Mr. Ivan Zho(Sales executive), Mr.Guo Xiaowei(Production manager), Mr.Jack Won(Chief Engineer)


This document summarizes the January 25, 2015, Unit-Fine Factory meeting. It focuses on key agenda items and related Questions & Answers, also our comments are added, The summary is not intended to be a transcript of the meeting.


Q1  by Abdolah: How we going to cooperate as an agent?


A:You may represent our company Unit-Fine in Iran or a certain area to sell and service. An authorization letter would be issued by us.


Comments: You may also do the marketing in the name of your self, then we will act as an OEM supplier.


Q2 by Abdolah: If we act as Unit-Fine’s agent, how we are going to got profit?


A:Once you are our agent, an agent price will be applied, firstly you will get your profit, secondly, a commission refund would apply once your sales reached a certain amount.


Comments: OEM comments would be the best way.


Q3 by Abdolah: If we got hand-in-hand in the future, is it possible to get a better payment way, such as we pay in advance, the balance would be paid when we collect balance from our customer.


A: Yes, it is possible.


Comment: on condition that the payment way is commonly used in international trade, we will try our best to accept all possible way to make both party happy.



Q4 by Abdolah: Once we act as your agent, we would advertise your products in Iran, if customers in Iran call you directly, how to settle this confusion?


Don’t worry about this, this problem is commonly seen in our domestic market, there are our agent in every province of China, if customers from a certain province called our company, we could forward all information to our agent in that area, what we do is provide technical and commercial support in any need from our agent.


Comment: If you advertise in the name of your own company, this problem would not happen.


Q5 by Abdolah: The price you offer should be very competitive, because customers in Iran would think products made in China are supposed to be cheap, if we sell at a high price, they won’t buy.


  1. Firstly, we promise the price offered could help you to control Iran market; Secondly: regarding made-in-China impression, we suggest you make the name plate in the name of your company saying MADE IN IRAN;


Comment: When we supply you products, we could supply as spare parts, you can assembly them when reach your place, it is granted to say MADE IN IRAN.



Q6 by Abdolah: At the beginning, can we get one or two sample sieves at a good or say it a sample price to show to customers?


A: Yes, you can get one no-profit price.


Comment: we will offer a EXW price plus the packing and freight cost.


Q7 by Abdolah: Could we get spare parts for maintenance and after sale service?


A: Yes, as we had seen in our factory there were always different spare parts in stock there.


Comment: for every machine we supplied, we normally attached easy-wear spare parts for one year.


Q8 by Abdolah: How much does it cost to transport your machine to the nearest port?


  1. Generally it is around 1000RMB per cubic meter.


Comment: Sometimes they charge on tonnage, but our machine is not heavy, then they charge on cubic meter.


Statement by Unit-Fine Machinery Co.,Ltd.


We are a professional machinery manufacturer, please be noted that we don’t have right to import and export, for order payment and goods forwarding, we will use our Authorized Import and Export company to handle, the company is paid by us, so everything is under control, please feel no doubt if the Import and Export was confirm by us through our official email and personal calls.

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