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Two-Part Test Sieve with Replaceable Mesh Sieves

Test Sieves are woven wire mesh metal pans made of brass or stainless steel. Different industries use this for sifting, fractioning, and filtration. These are incredibly accurate in straining materials used in various types of particle analysis.

When it comes to your test sieve needs, you can count on UnitFine to always deliver high-quality Two-Part Test Sieve with Replaceable Mesh Sieves. There are brass frames and stainless steel frames available with your choice of nylon or stainless woven steel wire cloth.

One of our experienced operators is in charge of creating replaceable mesh sieves. The process involves pressing the top frame over the mesh cloth with just the right amount of tension. We secure it afterward with a special tool kit and undergoes quality control before delivery.

Unitfine prides itself for producing only the best and high-quality test sieves made available in the market. We make use of the finest materials and the most advanced computer scanning techniques. This ensures the final product have precise test sieve apertures. What you get is a reliable two-part test sieve perfect in catering your needs.

Two-Part Test Sieve with Replaceable Mesh Sieves Applications

Two-Part Test Sieve with Replaceable Mesh Sieves is often used in separating, fractioning, and determining the particle size of granular and powdered materials. Various industries make use of two-part sieves in producing their products. Some of these industries include biology, chemistry, agriculture, plastic, and construction industry.Â

UnitFine offers a special offer wherein we calibrate two-part test sieves to better cater to your needs. We make sure to record all the data. If desired, we can confirm the data by providing a calibration certificate.

How To Choose Between A Brass Or Stainless Two-Part Test Sieve with Replaceable Mesh Sieves

Knowing the differences between brass and stainless steel test sieves will help you determine which one can help you achieve the best particle analysis results.

Brass test sieves tend to be less durable than stainless steel test sieves. It consists of a brass frame and a stainless woven steel wire mesh cloth.

Stainless steel test sieves, on the other hand, are more in demand thanks to their durability and superior quality. These have non-corrosive properties, meaning water damage is unlikely to happen. This is the very reason why this the go-to choice if you”re handling wet materials, aggregates, food, mining, and pharmaceuticals.

Frame Sizes of UnitFine Two-Part Test Sieve with Replaceable Mesh Sieves

We offer test sieves in different sizes and varieties. There are test sieves made of brass while others are stainless steel. As for the frame sizes, we have them in the following sizes.

  • 100 x 40 mm
  • 200 x 50 mm
  • 300 x 60 mm
  • 400 x 70 mm
  • Other sizes could be customized

If you need test sieves in a different size, we can customize yours by getting precision measurements. We can supply woven wire mesh sieves with varying aperture sizes. Choose between 125mm down to 20 microns in half versions and full versions.

Woven wire mesh sieves can be supplied with aperture sizes ranging from 125 mm down to 20 microns in full and half height versions.

They are available in frame materials of either brass or stainless steel.

Features of the Two-Part Test Sieve with Replaceable Mesh Sieves
  • Replaceable Mesh Sieves
  • Precision frame
  • Precise Aperture
  • No crevice, totally sealed
  • Natural Fillet
  • Evenly tensioned mesh for accurate analysis
  • Easy to handle
  • Safe Edge
  • With a serial number for full traceability


Applications separation, fractioning, particle size determination
Field of application agriculture, biology, chemistry / plastics, construction materials,certificate with detailed statistics is delivered.

As a special service, we offer to recalibrate your test sieves. After the standard measuring process, all relevant data is recorded and confirmed in the calibration certificate, if desired.



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