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The ultrasonic vibrating sieve from Unitfine Machinery is an improved version of the ordinary circulatory sieving machines. The regular separator is fitted with an additional source of vibration: the ultrasonic system. This ultrasonic vibrating system improves the overall performance of the sieve by preventing mesh clogging and increasing the production capacity.

The ultrasonic separator is especially helpful in fine powder separation. Industrial powders like metal powder tend to lump due to strong adsorption, static electricity, and light specific gravity. This lumping of powders can clog the screen mesh leading to delay in the production process and material wastage. The ultrasonic vibrating sieve solves this common clogging problem on fine powder separation that ordinary sieving machines cannot address.

Parts of the Ultrasonic Vibrating Sieve

  1. Ultrasonic generator – The ultrasonic generator for the vibrating sieve can either be UF08 or GTS30. Its specifications are as follows:
    1. Power: 220V, 50/60Hz, Single-Phase
    2. Power Consumption: 1A (Max.)
    3. Output Frequency: 36KHz
    4. Operating Mode: Continuous Mode / Pulse Mode
    5. Box Dimension (WxHxD): 165 x 230 x 400mm
  2. Transducer – The transducer has a stainless steel SS304 casing and has above screen position.
  3. Resonance ring or conduction ring

The ultrasonic vibrating sieve consists of the following: the ultrasonic generator or power supply, the ultrasonic transducer, and the screen mesh with an energy conduction ring.

Operation starts with the inflow of the fine powder from the feed storage or hopper to the screen mesh. To sieve the fine powder, the ultrasonic vibrating system induces vibration on the screen mesh. The transducer converts high electronic frequency into mechanical kinetic energy and supplies this ultrasonic vibration. This vibration is of high frequency and low amplitude and is then distributed evenly throughout the mesh via the energy conduction ring.

The ultrasonic vibration sieving process breaks the static bonding between particles, promotes vertical movements in the screen mesh, and increases the efficiency of the sieve.


unitfine ultrasonic vibrating sieve

Ultrasonic Generator Options   UF08 & GTS30




ultrasonic UF08 VS GTS30

Resonance Ring Options for Different Diameter and Purposes



  • Prevents clogging of the screen mesh – The screen mesh usually clogs from the lumping of particles due to strong adsorption, static electricity, and light specific gravity. The ultrasonic vibrating sieve successfully breaks this static bonding between the powder particles; thus preventing the clogging of the screen mesh.
  • Does not dust – The ultrasonic vibrating sieve operates at high frequency and low amplitude. Since it is at low amplitude, there are no dust clouds during the sieving process.
  • Increase productivity and efficiency – With the use of Unitfine Machinery’s ultrasonic vibrating sieve, there is minimal to no clogging in the screen mesh. With no clogging, particles can pass through the mesh easily, and thus, productivity and efficiency increases.
  • Suitable for fine powder separation – Fine powders clump due to their static bonding, and an ordinary sieving machine cannot easily separate them. The ultrasonic vibrating machine, on the other hand, can quickly sieve fine metal powders through its ultrasonic vibration.
  • Long working life – All contact parts of the sieving machine are made of stainless steel, making it lightweight, durable, and resistant to rust and corrosion.

Applicable Models

Model Noiseless High Performance Multi-Screen
UFC-200 UFC-400 UFC-600 UFC-800 UFC-1000 UFC-1200 UFC-1500
Suggested generator UF08 UF08 UF08 UF08/UF041 UF041 0F041 UF041

Suitable Fine Powder Separation

  • Resin/ powder coating/ pigments
  • Metal Powder/ alloys
  • Chemical powder
  • Pharmaceutical/ biotech powder
  • Food/ Baking ingredients



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