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A Two-Dimensional Motion Mixer, also called a two-dimensional mixer refers to the type of industrial blender that can move simultaneously in two directions. The two directions are the drum swing with the swing frame and the drum rotation. Many use this to mix materials in bulk.

Many industries make use of two-dimensional mixers to simultaneously blend all powdered and granular materials together in a highly efficient manner. Some of these industries include pharmaceuticals, food productions, chemical, grain processing, mineral separation, dye and pesticide industries. The materials are flipped, mixed, and rotated within the rotary barrel. During this time, these start moving from right to left along with the drum swing. Thanks to the two mixing directions, the materials you fed the mixer are evenly and thoroughly mixed in just a short period of time.

Main Parts of the UYH Series Two Dimensional Motion Mixer

The UYH Series Two Dimensional Mixer consists of four main parts. These are the drum (also called the rotary barrel), machine frame or base, the swing frame, and the controlling system.

How Does a UYH Series Two Dimensional Mixer Work?

One can find the drum installed on the swing frame supported by four support wheels. Two catch wheels act as the axial location while two driving wheels are within the four support wheels. The dynamic rotational system drags the two driving wheels to make the drum move and start rotating.

A group of mechanisms called crank-rocker mechanism drives the swinging frame. Meanwhile, the bearing assembly supports the swinging frame for a safe and efficient mixing solution.

Technical Parameters:

Type andspecifications Volume Feeding coefficient  Overall dimensions mm Power(kw)


   kg A B C D M H Rotate Swing
EYH100 100 0.5 40 860 900 200 400 1000 1500 1.1 0.75
EYH300 300 0.5 75 1000 1100 200 580 1400 1650 1.1 0.75
EYH600 600 0.5 150 1300 1250 240 720 1800 1850 1.5 1.1
EYH800 800 0.5 200 1400 1350 240 810 1970 2100 1.5 1.1
EYH1000 1000 0.5 350 1500 1390 240 850 2040 2180 2.2 1.5
EYH1500 1500 0.5 550 1800 1550 240 980 2340 2280 3 1.5
EYH2000 2000 0.5 750 2000 1670 240 1100 2540 2440 3 2.2
EYH2500 2500 0.5 950 2200 1850 240 1160 2760 2600 4 2.2
EYH3000 3000 0.5 1100 2400 1910 280 1220 2960 2640 5 4

Key Features of the UYH Two Dimensional Mixer
  • Low-cost and highly-efficient way of mixing powdered and granular materials.
  • The combined effect of two mixing movements (horizontal and vertical mixing motions).
  • Mirror-polished surface made with durable and high-quality stainless steel.
  • Easy to operate and effortless to clean.
  • Low maintenance costs.
  • No dead corner.
  • CE marking and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) compliant.
  • Nine types available with varying volume and feeding weight capacity, power and dimensions.
  • Free from cross-contamination guaranteed UYH Two-dimensional mixer is suitable for all the mixing of powder and granular materials.


The UYH Series Two Dimensional Mixer has a simple barrel structure that is easy to operate and effortless to clean. One can easily feed the machine, initiate the uniform horizontal and vertical mixing and discharge it fast after every use. One can guarantee that no dirt, pollution, and cross-contamination will occur thanks to the airtight rotary barrel. If you’re looking for a highly-efficient mixing solution for high volume powdered or granular materials, then what you need is a UYH Series Two Dimensional Mixer.

How To Choose The Right UYH Series Two Dimensional Motion Mixer?

There are nine types and specifications of Two Dimensional Motion Mixers available at Unit Fine. By choosing the right kind of mixer, you can achieve maximum mixing performance. When selecting a blender, make sure to consider the following.

  • The desired volume and feeding weight of materials you need to mix per batch.
  • The density of the materials in pounds per square inch.
  • The power requirements when it comes to rotate and swing.


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