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UnitFine’s Powder Mixing Packing System is one-of-a-kind machinery made from high-quality steel with a mirror-polished surface. Instead of a single powder mixer, you get a system with a packing unit and blender all rolled into one. We make sure every powder mixing packing system can deliver the best results by taking your business requirements in mind.


  • Efficient powder mixing and packing
  • Anti-cross-contamination
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to clean
  • Customizable to your business needs
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Made from high-quality stainless steel
  • Mirror-polished surface
  • CE marking and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) compliant

4 Main Components Of A UnitFine’s Powder Mixing Packing System

Our powder mixing packing system has four main parts – the ribbon mixer, the U-Type Belt Conveyor, the Storage Barrel, and the Packaging Machine.

Ribbon Mixer. Also known as a ribbon blender, has a U Vessel and a shaft installed horizontally used to ensure proper and even mixing of powdered materials. It can either be used for continuous or batch mixing large amounts of powder for industrial use.

U-Type Belt Conveyor. This type of conveyor belt has the standard “U” shape carefully designed to ensure the safe transport of powdered materials from the ribbon mixer to the Storage Barrel and up the packing machine.

Storage Barrel. After mixing, the materials are transported via the U-Type Conveyor belt to the storage barrel before packing.

Packing Machine. This is the last process which will involve the packaging of the finished product.

Choose UnitFine’s Powder Mixing Packing System

All machinery by UnitFine is sleek, reliable and robust pieces of equipment guaranteed to bring the best results for your business needs. When it comes to your powder mixing and packing needs, we’ve got you covered. Our system is a high-quality blending and packing unit in one. There’s no need to buy a separate mixer, storage barrel, conveyor belts, and packing machine, making it a cost-effective solution for those powdered manufacturing products.

This system is easy to operate, effortless to clean and has low maintenance costs. There’s no need to worry about cross-contamination as it only requires minimal manual handling. It offers precise mixing time and quality. It even has a CE marking and also passed the Good Manufacturing Practice requirements.

Things To Consider When It Comes To UnitFine’s Powder Mixing Packing System

To ensure you get the most out of your investment, we take into consideration the following requirements.

Characteristics of the Powder

Some industries make use of free-flowing powders while others work with sticky ones. Those who use free-flowing powders are the type of businesses that needs ribbon blenders in mixing the materials – the kind of mixers we have for our powder mixing packing system.

Batch Size and Factory Space

Smaller products require smaller blenders. Others require a more durable and large-sized mixers and storage barrel to accommodate bulk orders. Knowing how big your batch size requirement is and how big of a space you have for your powder mixing and packing system will make it easier for our engineers to create the right system for your needs.

Other Considerations

This includes your mixing and packing time requirements as well as other special requirements you may have for your business.

Please tell your desired capacity, detailed material characteristics, and your working flow, we will find a suitable system for you.


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