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Drag Tube chain conveyor, also called tubular drag conveyor, is continuous conveying equipment conveying powder, granular and other small lump bulk materials, which can horizontal, inclined and vertical combination delivery.

What is A Tubular Drag Chain Conveyor?
In a sealed pipe, the chain is driven by a belt of animal material along the pipeline. When the horizontal transportation, the material particles are in the direction of movement of the chain in the direction of the thrust. When the friction material layer is greater than the external friction material and the pipe wall, the material will move with the chain sheet, forming the stability of material flow; when the vertical transportation, tube material particles by chain upward thrust, because the lower feeding to prevent the decline in the upper part of the material, resulting in a transverse lateral force, so it enhances the internal friction of the material, when the friction between the materials are greater than the material and pipe wall friction and material weight, material with chain plate conveyor upward, forming continuous material flow.


1. Volumetric delivery device, enabling materials delivery and metering. Easy to implement centralized control, increased automation, to meet the requirements of modern enterprise for environmental protection.

2. Compact structure, small footprint, it can change the transport direction of the three-dimensional.

3. Material being conveyed between inlet and outlet flange is in the closed state. There is no need to set dust remover at the outlet. When transporting materials can fill gas. Which ensure no dust leak into the environment during transportation.

4. Material transport smoothly along the tube, virtually no internal movement, so Less material damage, slow corners transport make less material particles generated debris.

5. Depending on the feeding case, the inlet distance can be more than 10 meters.

6. Sprockets have optimized shoulder, design optimization, the use of hardened chains having a minimum wear.

7. Special delivery tray, has a very low friction coefficient and stable transmission capacity.

8. May discharge at multiple points in circuit; no special airlocks are required.



Fine Chemicals: pigments, dyes, paints, carbon black, titanium dioxide, iron oxide, ceramic powder, GCC, light calcium, bentonite, zeolite, kaolin, silica powder, activated carbon, etc.
Pesticide Mineral: urea, ammonium chloride, ammonium bicarbonate, baking soda, solid pesticides, tungsten powder, pesticide chemicals, copper powder, coal, phosphate rock, alumina powder.
Building material: cement, clay, sand, quartz sand, clay powder, silica, limestone, dolomite, wood flour, glass fibers, silica, talc, etc.
Food industry: flour, starch, grain, milk, and food additives.

Model of tube chain conveyor Tube diameter(mm) Plate distance(mm) Chain speed(m/s) Capacity(m³/h)
TDC-90 90 90 0.4 4.5
TDC-114 114 100 0.4 6
TDC-120 120 110 0.4 8
TDC-133 133 110 0.4 11
TDC-140 140 110 0.4 13


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