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This highly customizable grade separator helps increase the productivity and product quality of the whole pharmaceutical manufacturing process. The Pharmaceutical Grade Separator by Unitfine Machinery is designed to follow the strict necessities that are often required in pharmaceutical and other related industries.

This Grade Separator unit is highly customizable, has minimal superfluous particles, easy to clean, discharges faster compared to other separator brands and/or units, and is highly sheltered and safe against contaminants and bacteria. Not only that this unit can be used for Pharmaceutical purposes, but this is also usable for separating highly abrasive and unstable materials for other types of manufacturing and production for different industries.

How this Grade Separator works is it distributes particles between the exit of each separator. The separation is made by having a diverse set of particle properties that are represented by various sizes. The particle properties are then based on the data from representative samples for process materials set by the standards of the pharmaceutical and other manufacturing industry. The standard features are also used as a guide for the separation of materials.

Separating particles can sometimes be affected by the inconsistency of particle properties. With the Pharmaceutical Grade Separator, efficiency and consistency are achieved by continuously separating them at a steady and easy pace.

List of Other Recommended Machines:

  • Quick Release Clamp — is used for releasing camps rings without the need to use tools. While the other side of the clamp is used for tightening. It is mostly used for cleaning and dissembling purposes.
  • Spring Dust Cover — is used to provide additional protection against dust and other particles by the strength of the springs, which is determined by the rollers which are also spring-loaded.
  • Customized Dust Cover — is used to reduce any leaks from the machine. It also helps reduce airborne dust from flowing on the steam or conveyer belt. This device is made custom to fit your production line.
  • Magnetic Guard — is used for preventing any contamination and also to ensure that manufacturing is done safely and free from any irregularities. It captures particles with the use of high magnetic strength. The collected contaminants are then unleashed into the discharge chutes.
  • Discharge Gate — is used to control production flow and speed. This enables a better flow and provides consistent discharge characteristics from even surfaces. However, the discharge rate might differ from the ratio and diameter of the discharge pipe.


The Pharmaceutical Grade Separator has a full stainless steel body. The unit uses the SS316L type stainless steel for its contact parts, while it uses the SS304 type for its non-contact parts. It runs in an IP54 motor that highly protects the unit against dust and water splashes. Lastly, the Grade Separator unit has low residual flanges. Meaning the outer flange type is used as a standard for the machine. It is designed to reduce the chances of unused particles on both the slip-on liners without the need to use any adhesive or sealant.

The Pharmaceuticals Grade Separators can be customized depending on your production and manufacturing needs. Please contact us today and find out which machines would suit your needs best.

Specification Table

Model Noiseless High Performance Multi-Screen
UFP-300 UFP-450 UFP-600 UFP-800 UFP-1000 UFP-1200 UFP-1500
Pharmaceutical Grade Separator N/A N/A A A A A A

* Some restrictions apply.
The pharmaceutical grade separators are highly customized, please contact us to find out what suits your products best.


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