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Ribbon mixer is widely used in chemicals, pharmacy, food, and construction materials industry etc, which could be used for mixing of powders, powders and liquid, powders and granules etc.

Inside the mixer there are ribbons in convective direction, inner and outer, up and down to even powder in short time. Air leakproof device” is patent design to prevent powder pollution. According to particular powder, Heating system, Liquid Spraying system and High speed chopper can be installed in mixer to solve the special mixing requirement.

Mixing Principle:

Flexible Options for Clients:

  • Materials available to be selected:
  • Ribbon mixer could be made of mild steel, Manganese steel, stainless steel 304, 316L, 321 and others.
  • To save cost we can use different material in contacting parts and noncontacting parts.
  • Inner parts could be coated with Preservative,anti-seize compound, wear-resisting agent etc.
  • Surface finish: Sand blast, brushed treatment, mirror gloss finish.

2. Reliable driving system

Motors available: General motors, anti-explosion motors, VF(variable frequency) motors, high IP class motors and customized motors with voltage for countries with different voltage.

Gearbox: R,K,F series gearbox, cycloidal pin gearbox, general gearbox and planetary gearbox.

Connection method: Direct connection, belt pulley, hydraulic coupling.

3. High efficiency agitators:
There are different mixing: mixing with two different powders, mixing with same powders, powder mixing with small quantity liquid, liquid mixing with powder to get slurry, get thicker slurry, slurry dilute, granules mixing with powder, granules mixing, agglomerate crushing and mixing, cool and warm keeping mixing.

So there are according agitators to meet requirement.

4. Discharge Device:

5. Flexible Openings:

6. Tight Shaft Seal

8 Dimension and Models

9 Experienced Solutions

FIG 1: Handle jumbo bag with overhead crane,input powders together with dust catcher.

FIG 2. Build multilevel work platform, input powder manually, use jumbo bag packing machine at output.

FIG 3. Input and output directly,assist with forklift

FIG 4. Use manual feeding platform, transfer mixed powder to finished products silo via a screw conveyor, connect packing equipment at the silo outlet.

FIG 5. Use vacuum conveyor to feed powder from the floor, mixed products would be packed via a jumbo packing machine at discharge spout.

FIG 6. Multilevel vacuum conveyor would be used to feed powder, as well as discharge mixed products from the silo and convey them the the packing machine.

FIG 7. Tower structure, Use multilevel working platform, feed powders through a goods lift.

FIG 8. Convey and feed powders through an bucket elevator.

FIG 9. Feed, mix, storage, packing via vacuum conveyor top and down structure.

FIG 10. Manual feeding top and down structure.

How to select a ribbon mixer?

  1. Please tell the volume of batch products, range 0.1 to 20 cbm.
  2. Select material of the mixer, contacting products parts, and other parts, so please tell your own products working condition, sanitary requirements.
  3. Please tell specific gravity and flowability of your products, with which we would select a right motor for you.
  4. Please tell if you need any other auxiliary equipment, such as cool and warm keeping, spay etc.
  5. Please tell openings requirement of the mixer, such as feed inlet, cleaning windows, exhaust hole etc.
  6. Please tell discharge mode and driving system: manual, pneumatic or electric?

*Important notice: Model selection is a key step to get your solution, please provide your products information and production layout as detailed as you can, so that our engineers could find you the best solution.


  • Mixing blade is two spiral “S” type design.
  • Excellent and high speed mixing efficiency.
  • Powder won’t be raised mixing operation.
  • Complete and through of raw materials by ribbon agitator which create two layers and counter movement of flows.


  • Material: Steel thickness of outer shell, blade and cover is two times of others. The durability is over 20 years.
  • Speed: Double spiral ribbon blade makes higher mixing speed than others.
  • Bearing: Teflon seal can avoid powder leak. Split assembly can separate power from machine grease.
  • Convenient: Single side assemble makes maintenance easier.
  • Output: Power discharge via “butterfly valve”. Rigid seal will avoid powder leak. Liquid mixing & washing are applicable.
  • Independent control panel: Let cleaning safety.

Model Selecting:
Generally, ribbon mixer model is selected according to batch capacity.

  • Batch capacity: 0.1-20 Cubic meter per batch.
  • Batch capacity: 0.3-15 ton per batch.
  • Mixing time: 3 to 15 minutes.
  • Material available: Stainless steel 316L, 321, 304 and carbon steel.

Model Volume
(L*W*H Mm)
UFM-100 100/260 2 2210*600*1450
UFM-200 200/500 3 2310*710*1660
UFM-300 300/700 5 2310*900*1750
UFM-500 500/1200 7 1/2 2790*960*1830
UFM-1000 1000/2400 15 3420*1220*2150
UFM-2000 2000/4800 25 3900*1350*2450
UFM-3000 3000/6500 40 3700*1850*2803
Height from floor to outlet: 450 mm


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