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UF Airflow Centrifugal Sifter has a screen mesh similar to the shape of a cylinder installed inside the machine. Once material passes through the screw conveying system, it will reach the cylinder-shaped mesh to prepare it for screening. It will then be shifted towards the center of the chamber once it’s mixed with airflow and shredded into tiny atom-like particles.

The wind turbine blades generate cyclones to blow the product particles in a centrifugal manner into the screen mesh. The tiny particles will go through the mesh screen to be released through the undersize spout. The oversized particles, on the other hand, will be released through the oversized spout which may be reused or rerun at a later time depending on the manufacturer.

Unitfine Machinery has four UF Airflow Centrifugal Sifter models, and each has its own corresponding mesh size and material options. Applied mesh sizes can go from 325 or below. The SUS304/Q235 steel type is usually used for its body.

UF Airflow Centrifugal Sifter uses high-speed air flow to force material powder particles into the sieving mesh to further speed up the process of screening and sifting. It uses the airflow theory as its main working principle instead of the traditional gravity potential theory, which is mainly used by other sifter brands and companies.

  1. Optimized by experienced engineers for it to maintain its stable state while in being used for the operation
  2. Doesn’t cause any dust pollution as it has an airtight steel chamber
  3. Minimal to no vibration and noise due to its stability in manufacturing,Â
  4. It is smaller in diameter and has lighter weight compared to its older counterparts.Â
  5. Easy to install and use due to its updated design and specs. Has the capacity to run in single to multiple units in an extended period due to its production and material quality.
  6. Screen mesh is automatically cleaned by the cyclone coming produced by the wind blades.Â
  7. Material particles can be crushed from their ball-like form during the screening process.Â
  8. Has a long service life because of its high quality internal and external parts.Â
  9. It is specifically designed to meet the sifting requirements of different industries.
  10. Can be used to save materials and other resources with the pneumatic conveying system where it makes them travel directly to the winding path.Â
  11. Easy to clean and maintain.
  12. Can be operated even with minimal supervision.Â
  13. Can re-crash the agglomeration material.Â

It can sift numerous material particles such as sugar, flour, soil, graphite, rubber powder, and flower. The Airflow Centrifugal Sifter is widely used by industries such as:

  • Pharmacy
  • Chemical
  • Metallurgy
  • Food
  • Mining
  • Metal powder and Nonmetal Materials.

Depending on your mesh needs capacity, Unitfine Machinery’s Airflow Centrifugal Sifter can vary on the model type and applied mesh sizes. To learn more about the machine and which model is the best one for your production needs, you can contact us, and we’ll redirect you to a Powder Material Processing Expert.

Model Available

Model Material optional Mesh Sizes Applied
UF18-65 SUS304/Q235 325 mesh or below
UF30-100 325 mesh or below
UF50-130 325 mesh or below
UF65-180 325 mesh or below


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