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UF-250 Electric Coffee Grinding Machine

Summary of Coffee bean grinder

This machine is used in pharmaceutical, chemical, agriculture and food industry, raw material crushing, are pharmaceutical, hospitals, in pharmacies, family, individual restaurants, powdered spices and other processed foods ideal.


You can roast all the kinds of the bean color you would like .

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Working principle of Coffee bean grinder

It uses the high-speed relative motion between the moving tooth set and regular tooth set, which makes the material. Crushed through concussion, rub and crush between the material. The structure of machine is simple, firm and operating steadily and the result of crushing is well. The crushed thing is discharged directly from mainframe, the size of the granularity is gained through changing different network of the whole stainless steel. Surface of the inside of the machine reaches smooth by tooling, which changes the phenomenon of inboard wall coarse accumulating of power machine in the past, it can accord with the national standard even more to make medicines, food, chemical industry, etc and meet the requirement of GMP.

Technical parameters

Production capacity 150-200kg/h
Spindle speed 3900r/min
Crushing fineness 20-120 mesh
Feeding size 40 mm ³
Motor power 380V 5.5KW
Dimension 650*600*1350mm
Machine weight 180kg


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