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Unitfine Machinery’s Tumbler Fine Sieve is a high powered sieving machine used by manufacturers from different industries to produce large outputs of light powder particles with high capacity by continuous low-density sieving.

Manual sieving is the process of using your hands and a mesh strainer to separate unwanted elements from the fine powder particles. What the Tumbler Fine Sieve does is the mechanical equivalent of that. Artificial sieving is done by effective processing and simulation of fine and ultra-fine powders and other materials that are difficult to characterize and shift. Efficient and precise separation of particles is the best principle for producing large quantities of sieved materials in a short period.Â

Unitfine Machinery has seven different models of the Tumbler Fine Sieve. Each has its corresponding specs that can vary depending on the manufacturer’s output and processing requirement. The unit also has a sealing structure which helps prevent any dust from going in or spilling out of the machine that might cause inconsistencies with the final output of the sieved material.Â

Machine diameter can go from 600mm to 2600mm. Sieving area is 0.29m² to 5.31m². Spacial requirements can go from 04 to 6.8. All models’ have up to 5 sieve layers. Depending on the model, power consumption can be from 0.25 to 5.5 kilowatts. Units UFT-600 to UFT-1200 has two layers of filter accessories, while units UFT-1600 to UFT-2600 only has one.

The Tumbler Fine Sieve can be used by multiple industry companies that work with material particles required to be filtered, such as:

  • Food and spices
  • Chemical
  • Rubber
  • Fertilizer
  • Medicine
  • Wood and Plywood
  • Sugar
  • Plastics
  • Fodder
  • Mining
  • Metallurgy
  • Salt
  • Renewable industry

The machine can withstand long periods of everyday usage while maintaining its sieving precision and productivity. Its service life is estimated to be five to ten times longer when compared to standard cylinder sieves in the market.


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