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The V Type High-Efficiency Mixer by Unitfine is among the top of the industrial line mixers in the market. Also known as V-shell blenders or V-cone mixers, you can guarantee that what you get is top quality and high-efficiency blender with no dead corner. You’re sure that with every use, you can achieve that perfect and even powdered or grain mixture thanks to its 360 degrees rotatable bucket.Â

The two models available are the Twin-shell model and the Cross-flow model. The V Type High-Efficiency Mixer comes in standard and customized designs. You can use it in creating different products for industries such as cosmetics, fertilizers, colorants, pharmaceuticals, laboratory, detergent, and even food production and manufacturing industries. Depending on your needs, you can find the right type of Unitfine V Type Mixer to meet your production’s demand.       Â

The V-shell blender has a sleek and elegant appearance thanks to its mirror-polished surface. The mixer itself is made from high-quality and durable stainless steel. It is easy to use and operate thanks to the simple control panel located at the right support frame. One the left support frame is where the chopper is a driving motor and driver sprocket. You’re sure to get the Unitfine guarantee of long-lasting and highly efficient machinery.Â

v mixer breakdown

How Does UnitFine V Type High-Efficiency Mixer Work?

Unitfine’s V Type High-Efficiency Mixer has two cylinders forming a V shape at an 80 degrees angle. Two support frames hold each cylinder in place. At the end of each cylinder, you can find a manually actuated loading port called the inlet where one can feed the mixer with the powdered ingredients. The blender’s performance is at 50% and rotates at 360 degrees for even mixing. With every turn of the mixer, the product you insert into the loading aperture repeatedly moves into the center.Â

The mixing speed is enough to maintain the desired cold temperature of the mixed products. One can use the control panel to turn the machine on and off, as well as in adjusting the timer. After mixing, one can retrieve the mixture at the product outlet called the discharge valve joined and fitted with an actuated butterfly valve. You can find the product outlet or discharge valve where the two cylinders meet in the center. One can open and close the airtight product outlet by either manually or automatically operating the closing butterfly valve.

Main Features of Unitfine’s V Type High-Efficiency Mixer
  • Mirror-polished surface made with durable and high-quality stainless steel
  • Interchangeable V-shells
  • Fully Automated System
  • No dead corner
  • CE marking and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) compliantÂ
Product Parts of Unitfine’s V Type High-Efficiency Mixer
  • Support frames
  • Vessel
  • Inlet
  • Discharge ValveÂ
  • Control Panel
  • Vessel driving motor
  • Vessel driving sprocket
  • Chopper driving motor
  • Chopper driving sprocket
  • Chopper

Mirror polished stainless steel surface;
No dead corner;
CE and GMP compliant;
Interchangeable V-shells;
Fully automated system;

Unitfine’s V Type High-Efficiency Mixer’s Scope of Application

The V Type High-Efficiency Mixer is a highly accurate and highly efficient industrial blender widely used for many industries. One can use this to mix dry grain materials for food, chemical, medical, metallurgical, and other types of industries. Â

Scope of application

This series of machine are newly design, high efficient and high accuracy mixer. It is widely used for dry material grains in the field of medical, chemical, food, metallurgical and other industries.


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