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January 9 2017

2017: We Have to Say Something About 2016


Soooon, 2016 had left us and 2017 come to us, before this new year, there was Christmas, and new year holiday, we didn’t post notice for holiday because we didn’t have it, why? as we know it was year ending, transportation and working time was very very tight, plus the heavy SMOG made it worse; but there is always a but for Unitfine people, we made it.


Our government had limited most factories’ production to fight against the SMOG, we obey it since we know it is ridiculous, we work night, esp some paint job, our workers stay at home to doge the SMOG, then come out at night after dinner by shift to make up day time job; Just follow our production schedule, we finished orders one by one without sunshine, neither moon light(SMOG covers it).


We have long-term contracted logistic company working with us, which helped a lot during this special smogging year, every order finished would be delivered timely without delay even there are tight space at year ending. We work night, our partner work night too to pick up goods. Partners, please accept our thanks officially, and best wishes for the new year 2017.


We still will obey our government regulations to control the SMOG, and support our government as possible as we can to see our blue sky; but we also will try every effort to serve our customers during terrible environment; we have confidence on our government,  as well as ourselves.

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