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  • 3 Big Issues to Select a Tube Chain Conveyors You Must Know
December 4 2017

3 Big Issues to Select a Tube Chain Conveyors You Must Know


We believe it should be the goal of every manufacturer to make safe, reliable, effective, and economical equipment. A sales engineer will need to know details about your process to accomplish that goal. Here’s a list of items that you’ll be asked about to determine tubular drag conveyor . We hope this can serve as a guide during your buying process. The specifics of your application will determine the cost.

1.Characteristics of Your Material

  • What is your material
  • Bulk density
  • Particle size
  • Temperature
  • Material form (powder, granule, pellet, etc)
  • Flow characteristics (Angle of Repose)
  • Hopper characteristics
  • Material characteristics
  • Liquid/Fat content
  • Required capacity

2.Conveying Capacity Requirements

  • How many hours/day will the conveyor run?
  • What rate do you require? (lb/hr or kg/hr) (ft3/hr or m3/hr)
  • What’s your feed source? How many inlets are required? Controlled in feed rate or surge feed?
  • How many discharge points?
  • What’s your conveying distance?

3.Equipment Specifications

  • What materials of construction are required? Do you require 304 or 316 stainless steel tubes and chain?
  • What are you motor specifications? T.E.F.C., Mill & Chem., Explosion Proofing, Inverter Duty, Washdown Duty

You just need to provide below information, then our engineer could help to customize a right model tube chain conveyor for you.


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