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  • 4 Must Focus in Daily Maintenance of A Screw Conveyor
September 22 2017

4 Must Focus in Daily Maintenance of A Screw Conveyor


Screw conveyor is a kind of common equipment used in bulk material handling, its mains components include  a tube,  a auger (a spiral blade welded around a shaft),  the driven device–motor, A auger conveyor is widely used in chemical, metallurgy, paper making, and construction industries, etc, either solid or slurry conveying; Once it is a machine, we have to take care of it properly to keep its healthy status so that the failure time is less. Here we are going to share with you 4 MUST Focus when we are doing the  daily maintenance job:

1. Lubrication:Bearings, gears and transmission chain should be added lubricating oil regularly, some may every 6 months, some may every 12 month, depends on the settings you got.


2. Wear condition: Every time after a  machine stops, the spiral blade should be checked to see how its status is,any cracks on the welding? any broken parts on the blade? repair them immediately to avoid further damage in later running.


3. NO overload: The conveying capacity  should not be exceeded , otherwise the material would fill up the tube and make the shaft bending, even cause  burnt motor.

4.Never omit abnormal noise:If  any bad noise heard during operation, please open the cover and check, find the reason and settle it to avoid unexpected blockage or damage.


That’s 4 must focus when doing maintenance for a screw conveyor, please tell your operational personnel to always keep in mind,we hope every UNITFINE user enjoy a smooth experience when using our screw conveyor, other machines either.

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