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September 14 2017

A Few Quick Tips to Find the Right Screw Conveyor

To select the right screw conveyor for your production process, there are several factors to consider and figure out before you move to the next step.

  1. Please figure out which type of screw conveyor you are going to use.

A. U type screw conveyor;

B. Tube auger conveyor(Shaft type);

C. Shaftless auger conveyor;


2.How long is the screw conveyor should be as per your processing line?

Generally it is a flat length  of the tube you should measure, most of times there is an inclining angle between the tube and horizontal line, that means we should know the conveying height and conveying length.

3.The products being conveyed is with high temperature or normal?

If the products temperature is high, which had to be indicated; at the same time if the products is with some special characteristic such as sticky, or with static electricity, please tell so that we can take preventive measures accordingly.

4.Desired capaicty in kg or ton per hour, conveying speed—variable speed or at a flat speed?

Please tell your desired capacity according to your current processing turnover; and the conveying speed according to equipments before and after the screw conveyor, maybe or for sure, some of customers need a conveyor with variable speed, fine, just tell us, we will add inverter and switches to meet your requirements.

Above are 4 basic information we need to know to determine a right model screw conveyor, below we are going to share some fabrication factors that really matters to  finalize in selecting a  screw conveyor.

1.Conveyor housing fabrication: if it is a U type one, generally we shape the U with a coiling machine, but when the diameter of the U is too small to make(such as Φ100mm or less), we will suggest and make it with tube type; if it is a tube type, it would be easy, seamless steel tube  would be first choice(stainless steel or carbon steel should be indicated.)

2.Auger blade: There are welded screw blade and mould pressed screw fight, mould press screw fight no need welding, so there is not welding seam, oftenly used in conveying bulk materials at high speed; while welded screw blade need to cut steel plate, pulling to reach required pitch etc. and need lot of welding work.

Note:Shaftless auger blade is formed with steell pate with 20mm thickness.



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