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January 30 2015

Customer from Iran Vist


On 25th Jan 2015, A delegation from Iran paid a thorough factory, even the weather was a little bit cold, even it was Sunday, we still got up early to pick them in the hotel, when we reached the hotel, they had already been waiting for us in the hall, which got us so impressed and moved, they had a very tight schedule in China and wanted to utilize limited time, here we applause for hard workers like them in the world, of course including our Unit-Fine reception team.

vibrating sieve workshop

We set off at 7:47 and arrived at our factory at 8:07, yes it is an easy calculation to get there is a 20 minutes driving from the city center to our factory. After we arrived our factory, Our customer even didn’t want a short break in our office, but directly went in to our main workshop, where they got themselves excited by our production equipment and finished shinning products as well as semi-finished product, we were surprised they neglected our workshop was somewhat not clean and tidy.

Yes we were talking about buying a rotary vibrating sieve to handle some food materials with 20 or 30 meshes, but they checked every procedure of our production, from raw material to CNC cutting, punching, cold rolling, bending , welding, polishing, powder coating, packing and spare parts etc. then we direct them to our testing center, frankly speaking our testing center was very dirty on that day because we just helped one of our customer to test sieve graphite powder , we can see there were black powders on the floor and our test sieves, in our testing center, they were attracted by our tumbler screener, we explained to them how the tumbler works and difference between a tumbler screener and a rotary vibrating sieve, and how effective on its capacity, as well as how it was invented and its history.

ultrasonic vibrating sieve

At last we came into our factory office, where they met our production manager Mr.Guo, at a sudden the customer brought out some sweeties made in Iran and gave to us saying that it was a gift by their Managing director, we were very happy about that, the we gave them some Chinese tea as a friendly exchange.

Then we started talking about the business issue, Mrl.Abdolah provide some good suggestion on our business cooperation and praised our products quality, saying it was a miracle that we could produce so good quality vibrating sieves at a dirty factory. We felt shamed on this and would make our workshop more clean and tidy, this year we had just rebuilt our factory, and would continue the modernization.

unitfine tumbler screener

At last Mr.Abdolah saw two ultrasonic generator on our office desk, let us explained the difference in quality and price, we had made-in-China ultrasonic generator and Swiss made one, normally we recommend our customer buy them as per their budget and special requirement, for example, to sieve general materials above 200 mesh, we will suggest made-in-China one, as for highly precise and expensive material, Swiss one would be suggested.

It was a good memory and start at the beginning of the year 2015, welcome more customers and friends all over the world to our factory for visiting and communication on business and technology.

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