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January 8 2015

Happy New Year 2015


Xinxiang /7 Jan 2015

First of all, please allow me to express my sincere gratitude to all the hard working colleagues, thanks for your contribution. Spring is coming back, everything looks fresh! At the eve of this festive season, let me present my most sincere greetings to all my colleagues again.
UFC has been established for 4 years. We all see the difficulties it experienced and achievement it obtained. As company leaders, we have established an ideal since we joined the enterprise. We believe that it is our mission to build a platform for the colleagues who are full of responsibility to achieve self-worth. I believe that as long as we insist and carry forward the company culture and also remember to keep customer first, to keep improving, to be honest and transparent, to improve oneself, to concern about others we can successfully complete all the company targets.

Now I will take the time to review and sum up the achievements and experience that we have got last year. Then I will inform you briefly about the plan of the company for the next year. Also I will point out the request for the work of 2015.

First, review of 2014.
The company has achieved satisfactory results in all aspects of work by the efforts of all the colleagues in 2011. We have completed three objectives as follows:
1. to complete the business indicators of 50 million;
2. to finish the relocation work to improve the working condition. In the new office there is a leisure area for the employees. The new office also offers a work place that separates employees from customers.
3. to improve the benefits for employees including lunch allowance and medical examination. What’s more, a HongKong trip is added as our annual suburban travel.
Each department was strictly managed. All the staff learned their responsibility clearly and tried their best so that they have made great contribution to the company. Also, there is a good working atmosphere of unity, positive attitude, efficiency, and pragmatism. All the leaders and colleagues, please accept my deep thanks for your great effort.
Second, development plan and focus
Performance assessment and incentive mechanism will be discussed by the board of directors and finally will be put into practice. Culture building of “committed to the success of employee” will be introduced deeply. Staff benefits will be improved. The human resources department will work much harder to provide training employees of different level and different department. So that every member of the company can realize their value and find the feeling of belong to the enterprise. Following the success of 2011, more work will be improved to reflect the value we seek, to achieve the target of staff and customers, to realize the improvement and enhancement of the value of the company and individuals.
On one hand, there will be a higher performance goal. Not only to achieve the target of 60 million, but also make full preparation for the target of 100 million which is supposed to be achieved two years later. All employees should understand the mission clearly and set a clear goal. Also, a strong will to achieve the target is necessary no matter coming across any kind of difficulties.
On the other hand, the company will focus on the development of employees much more. A range of employee benefits will be introduced to motivate the employees to get to a higher level. Of course, the employee should show strongly positive and play the team strength to keep the team full of energy.
Review the past and look into the future. There will be more and more difficulties and risks. Of course, there will be greater challenges and opportunities. We should try our best to make full use of the challenges and opportunities in order to achieve great breakthroughs and get a qualitative leap in the next year.
We should have a clear understanding of that there are many problems that are waiting to be solved and improved in the development process of our company. In order to serve our customers better we should pay more attention to train the talent because only first-rate talent can provide first-rate market research service. At the same time, we should strengthen the innovation and use the new technologies to improve our services and products based on customer demands.
Finally, I also hope that every employee here will cherish this opportunity to create new glory. Bless all of you again: work smoothly, keep healthy, I wish your family well-being and a happy new year !
Thank you very much!
General Manager of UFC
January 7th,2015

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