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September 26 2015

How Easy to Clean a Screw Conveyor Deeply


There are two cleaning methods for general cleaning since the casing is a stainless steel pipe: water injection cleaning and ventilation cleaning. Water injection cleaning means that inject a large amount of water at the inlet and wash the internal tube, flushing the remaining water out of screw conveyor.

Ventilation cleaning is to use a air pump or fan to bring the air into the tube and blow the material out of the tube. The two methods are very convenient to clean up the material inside the tube.

But neither of above methods cannot clean the machine deeply and thoroughly, especially in food industry which requests highly sanitation, so what to do??

The best way to do is disassemble the conveyor, bring inside out to wash it with sanitation dilute or something else, so when design the screw conveyor, we have to consider how easy to disassemble and assemble it, yes we may google it in this fast developed digital times, we did it too, below is what we found, which is a good plan:


But after we try it, there are 8 screw rod to remove to disassemble the conveyor, chasing better solution is our nonstop culture, then our engineer designed a better way to let the end user experience good.

Only need to loose two screw rod by hands without any tools to bring inside out.

To get details, please feel free to contact us.

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