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July 14 2016

How to Attach Ultrasonic System to An Existing Sieving Machine

You may be using an general rotary vibrating sieving machine to sieve your products, with so so capacity? even worse undesired capacity? difficulties in blocking mesh holes? So much headaches, then you may get tired of this kind of suffers, you need change, you need breakthrough, you need something new to reform current conditions.

Yes, you may hear of Unitfine ultrasonic system for long, but you feel shy to ask? Or you don’t have enough budget to buy a complete ultrasonic sieving machine to replace current one? Or you just don’t how to take further steps on this? Don’t worry, Unitfine team is here to guide you how to attach ultrasonic system to an existing sieving machine.

There are several steps to take:

Step 1: Dimension clarification:

Check you existing sieve model ring dimensions,

  • Outer diameter
  • Outer diameter from rised border 



Tell UNITFINE the data, our team will customize the Ring for you.

Step 2: Drill a hole on under frame to fit the ultrasonic supported Ring


Before you drill the hole, try to find a proper position by measure the customized Ring.


Dont’t mind the “Converter Holder”, we will make it for you, what you need is to weld it.

Step 3: Fit the Ring to the under frame:

ultrasonic vibrating sieve


Step 4: Connect to Ultrasonic Converter


                                  JOB DONE!


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