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January 9 2015

How to Set a Vibrating Motor

Vibrating motor normally is used in vibrating screen and vibrating table, the one described below is a vertical type used in Rotary Vibrating Sieve


(A)This series motor could output rated exciting force under below conditions:
1、Vibration acceleration:Not exceeding 7g.(g: gravity acceleration)
2、Working Environment Temperature:Not exceeding 40℃.
3、Elevation:1000M. Not exceeding 1000M.
4、Power source frequency:50HZ
5、Voltage:380V(UF200A、UF-450、Rated Voltage:220V)

6、Temperature Rise:less than 80K( resistively method )
7、Protection Grade:IP55
8、Isolation grade:F
10、Operating method:SI


(B)Preparation before Installation
1、Check whether the motor name plate is in accordance with requirements.

2、Measure isolation resistance with a 500V Mega ohmmeter, the value should be not less than 0.5 mega ohm, otherwise drying treatment should be done to the stator winding, drying temperature should not exceed 120℃.
3、Check all fasteners of the motor, beware of loosen.
4、Check whether there is damage or transformation on motor surface.
5、Check whether there is open phase and run it without load for 5 minutes.
(C)Installation and Adjustment
1、The motor must be fixed onto the fitting surface, which must be smooth and flat. Mounting screw bolts’ strength≥8.8
2、The motor should be mounted horizontally.
3、Lead from the motor adopts 4-core rubber cable YZ-500V,Sudden-bend is not allowed when connecting to Power source, reliable fixing is required.
4、Reliable grounding is required, there is a ground device inside the motor, and a symbol at the lead end. The ground mounting bolts also could be used for grounding.
5、Adjustment of Exciting force.
(D)Use and Maintenance
1、Electrical Protection Devices are required for this motor.
2、In the early running period of the machine, check the ground mounting bolts at least once everyday to avoid loosen.(including fasteners on the motor)
3、When running direction of the motor is not correct, just correct it by regulating its power phase sequence.
4、Keep the motor in good lubrication, the motor is with a lubricating nipple, at early running period, inject Shell RL-3 grease once in every two-week running, after that inject grease once every 600 running hours. The amount of grease being injected should be controlled within 15-20g.(there is no lubricating nipple on the motors with sealed bearing)
5、After 1500 hours running, check the bearing, replace it if damage occurred.
6、If the machine is going to be used again after being left unused for a long period, Isolation resistance should be measured with a 500 V Megohmmeter and the value should be above 0.5 megohm.


(E) Freqent sympotoms and Solutions:

vibrating motor using guidance

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