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January 16 2015

How to Sieve Polyvinyl Chloride Powder with Ultrasonic Vibrating Sieve

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), is the second largest general synthetic resin material in the world. Due to the characters of the excellent fire resistance, abrasion resistance, anti-chemical erosion, comprehensive mechanically, product transparency, electrical insulation and easy processing, etc, PVC is widely used in light and heavy industries.


PVC is white powder, non-toxic, odourless. It has high chemical stability and good plasticity. Except for few organic solvent, PVC can proof hydrochloric acid with any concentration, sulfuric acid less than 90%, 50%-60% nitric acid, caustic soda less than 20%, and be fairly stable for salts. As its poor thermal stability and light resistance, PVC will start to release HCI gas which leads PVC to change color in the above 140℃. PVC has a good electrical insulation, self— extinguishing, flame retardancy, generally doesn’t burn, it can burn on fire and release HCI, self-extinguish when away fire. Based on the above characters, PVC is usually used in producing profiles, pipe fittings, plates, sheet, sheeting wire, hard or soft tube, Blood transfusion apparatus, thin film, etc. And PVC has a wide application in industry, construction, agriculture, electricity, medical equipment, daily life, package, public utilities, etc.



PVC ultrasonic vibrating screen improves the effect of pancake and slippage of powder with low density in gravity setting and adhesion effect of powder with static, and prevent that the metal with high density detains or wedges in screen to improve the screening efficiency and quality.Passing rate of screening indicates that generally PVC ultrasonic vibrating screen is 50%-400% higer than ordinary vibrating screen.
1. Reduce the time of network cleaning.
2. No pollution for powder caused by roller balls or other auxiliary.
3. Keep screening accuracy stable.
4. Release adhesive materials and reduce oversize materials.
5. Reduce frequency of screening.
unit-fine ultrasonic vibrating sieve

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