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May 12 2016

Pros and Cons of Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen

Pros & Cons of Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen



  1. To reach higher precise and very fine screening, ultrasonic could control a  narrow range of sizes.

2.Ultrasonic is mainly used to clean the mesh screen, especially for those irregular shaped particles, such as artificial diamond.

3.No static electricity, agglomeration, adsorption phenomena is generated during screening process, which makes it easy to screen higher mesh sizes, Max. to 600 mesh.(In our PSD test of diamond powder, 625 mesh could be screened.)

4.Property of material would not be changed after screening.

  1. Ultrasonic could be applied on either a single layervibro screen or double layersvibro screenï¼›

6.Core of the ultrasonic generator is an completed enclosed PCB(printed circuit board), which could work continuously 12 to 24 hours, no need to do cooling treatment.

details of ultrasonic vibrating screen


  1. Ultrasonic generally works for those powders sized above 200 mesh(including 200 mesh) to 600 mesh, so its effectiveness could be seen apparently; but there is an exception in practice,we have a customer in India whose product is graphite powder with 60 mesh, the vibro screen only could do the screening job with our ultrasonic.
  2. Secondly, after certain time working with ultrasonic, the mesh screen will become hot due to heat generated in the process of ultrasonic works on the surface of the mesh screen, so some of powdered products could not be screened with ultrasonic, such as icing sugar, after certain time of screening, it would become sticky.

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