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July 30 2018

Quality Control:Best Guidance from Stephan Schmit

UNITFINE CEO(Left) with Mr.Stephan Schmit(Right)

It was a big honor being with Mr.Stephan Schmit(Senior Inspection Manager from ThyssenKrupp) for almost half a month, during the stay, Stephan shared a lot of quality control tips and effective project follow up method.

  1. Quality control: we should pay more attention to the fabrication process, extend regular training on welding and painting to front-line workers to highlight them with a high sense of self- judgment.
  2. QA&QC department should bring into an effective quality checking system and execute it more thoroughly before releasing a certain assembly or part to next working procedure.
  3. Theoretically quantify daily job of every shit, find the difference between real capacity and target capacity, a meeting would be required if the real capacity is behind target capacity to figure out workable measures in speeding up fabrication progress.

During the 14 days, we did have a pleasant time with Mr.Stephan Schmit, the knowledge shared by him would benefit us tremendously during future production.

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