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  • Separate Sands From Reoated Peanuts with Tumbler Screener by Unit-Fine
February 3 2015

Separate Sands From Reoated Peanuts with Tumbler Screener by Unit-Fine


One of our customers are making peanuts butter, but there is very fine sand powders found in there peanuts butter,which cause bad response from their customers,then they need a sieve to separate sand from roasted peanuts, the vibrating screen they are using currently is a linear vibratng sieve,but cannot get out of the dust-like sand properly,then we tried rotary vibrating sieve,but failed, at last we tested with unit-fiine tumbler screener,the movement is different from vibrating screens, materials on the sieve surface will stay long wihout vibrating ,it is a mechanical imitation of hand sieve, the result we got is very good, if you sieve roasted peanuts with shell, you will get clean clean peanuts.

Think about tumbler screener if a vibrating screen cannot work well.

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