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April 21 2017

Special Sieve for Paper Pulp

We sell 100+ sieves in paper making industry, most of them are filtering paper pulp, even the pulp reach 40% thickness, but it is not a issue for us, because our engineer had tailor made the sieve especially for paper pulp and obtained its patent;

You may not believe the video was snapped by the end user, who buy 30+ sets this type sieve from us every year. He was happy with its effect and capacity, then shot me the video to extend his testimonial beyond words.

Test Video of Special Paper Pulp Filtration 

Overview of the Special Liquid Sieve

overview of paper pulp sieve

View without Cover

view without sieve cover

Special Sieve Rack(Sun-Ring)

sunring sieve rack

Special Slope Bottom Guarantee Faster Discharge Liquid under Sieve 

slope sieve bottom

Special Inlet— it would prevent direct hit by paper pulp, at the same time would help to

distribute paper pulp evenly on the sieve surface.

customized sieve inlet

Very  important, tailor adjusted Vibrating Motor

patented adjusted vibrating motor



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