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August 4 2017

Ultimate Solution for Pollen Sieving


  1. For pollen sieving, we chose “Motor-out”design instead of standard one, why?

Standard Sieve

 Motor-out Sieve
         standard sieve  motor out design

We have customer in pollen making industry, and they only have 2 phase power, then we made a 2 phase vibrating motor for him, after running 2-3 hours, the motor will generate too much heat, and the heat would go up to the stainless steel conical pan, where the final powder fallen down to, and got stick to the bottom, finally we have to move the “heat ” out, by using motor-out design.

  1. We use ultrasonic for 75 microns layer and 25 microns layer with only one ultrasonic generator, and no ultrasonic for 250 microns layer(top layer), why?


2.1 ultrasonic would perform good effect on very fine powder up to 75 microns or finer, 250 microns is much coarse(marijuana flowers), so, there is no need to use ultrasonic on top layer.

2.2 because we are using a small model sieve machine with small capacity, the sieve surface area is not too large, so we can use one ultrasonic generator to carry two layers, which could do the job, saving cost at the same time.


  1. Why we add motor running direction shift switch to this machine, is it necessary?

According to our customer, to get pollen from marijuana flowers, you need to put marijuana flowers on the top layer, let it be sieved for certain time, then discharge it fast.

As will know when marijuana flowers are being sieved on sieve surface, flowers running clockwise on sieve surface, when finish sieving, you just shit motor running direction to anticlockwise, flowers would be discharged from side outlet fast.

Please see below video for better under standing.



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