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January 13 2020

Why Graphite Powder Screening Approaching to Use Finosonic

Months ago, we paid a callback to one of our customers who is handling graphite powders for feedback, below is a testimonial from him, which would tell you the reason why more graphite powder screening now approaching to FINOSONIC:

As for data on the mesh with Finosonic.

I do not have specific data.

But I can tell you that on all 3 screen sizes you mention, we no longer have to screen the material twice.

The ultrasonic stop the screen from blinding and thus the material is screened properly after one pass.

We do have tolerances for the amount of wrong size particles that can be included in a screen cut, and the ultrasonic help achieve those tolerances. Generally its less than 5% of undersize materials allowed for our mixes.

Our screen time has been reduced by an average of 60% as we often had to run materials 3 or 4 times to achieve the proper percent of desired particles.


Another benefit has been the longevity of the screens.

Before Finosonic, our screens were being replaced at least 3 times per year, no matter which screen size we reference.

Since installing Finosonic, only one screen has broken in the past year and that’s because the frame rod that attaches to the transducer cracked and broke. The screen is still intact.

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